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4, any promotional activities are beating the tactical, especially on the network promotion, even more so, remember, in the network, small cheap, even a few cents cheaper, also to be accounted for, because we have a huge tactical.

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cost earning law free income + crowd tactics

3, new year, launched pay charges 100 yuan, 100 yuan to send Chongzhi card business, Ji’nan friends rushed to their disposable mobile phone about 100000 yuan fee, then he put this hundred dollar to 20 percent off Chongzhi cards sold to wholesalers, then he put his hand in 100 thousand yuan the bill, with 50% sold to shenxun Taiwan, the way his income is 50 thousand yuan +8 million =13 million yuan, profit of 30 thousand yuan.

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is his method has provided free Internet phone cards, to provide $1 worth of cards every day, every day of the 3-4 in the afternoon began to apply, then he is every registered dozens of accounts, and then apply for the card at the time, and then sold to Taobao, a day to sell 30 yuan. Many people do not recognize this idea after buying it. The reason is that this method is too simple. Can you make money and earn it?. But is it a way to make money? No, but it does make money.

principle: to make money greatly the sea tactical use of free sale business profit.

has been selling a daily income of 30 yuan for ways of making money, is actually a small way, the price is 50 yuan, but many people buy.

, for a few examples:

operation: continue to search for free to use, free trial, free gifts and other words, pay attention to a variety of free side activities, promotional activities, and then continue to go to large sea tactics through free bargain activities of some businesses to profit

we continue to search for free to use, free trial, free gifts and other keywords, and then continue to make a significant tactical crowd through the free bargain activities of some businesses to profit.

2, gifts profit, Tai’an Mobile Corporation launched activities, issued 4 yuan of MMS, send the value of 7 yuan supermarket price recovery of washing powder, and then on the base of Laotaibuxiao, made about one hundred thousand yuan to receive MMS, and then washing powder, because of this matter, the Mobile Corporation lost about 600000, and he earned about 200000 that is, the reasonable use of promotion policy to profit.

1, obtain COINS free, there is a period of time, TX launched the free activities of the majority of friends coins, do not believe, think this is a gimmick, but a lot of friends is to make use of this opportunity, the application software development, made a fortune, for a time everyone in one address that is to apply for a COINS address.

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