Surging VR entrepreneurial tide in the end or notsh419 spring 2016 presentation entrepreneurs grow


"warm technology" theme is based on the sh419 bear children product design and creative production, through the design to highlight the "science and technology to better company, better education, better life", and called on everyone to use technology to improve education and optimize the educational. For students in Institutions of education, no doubt seductive.

when the VR gamble comes, should we be more prepared for chips or luck?. For most startups in the face of the VR venture tide, how to do to meet a big gamble, and the prepared start-up team, as has been deep research in the VR industry practitioners, perhaps the following point of view to help you.

in the current hot VR game needs what talent? VR game team must be VR technical personnel need to be familiar with the mainstream of the market engine technology, the current mainstream of the market has unreal and U3D engine. In the era of hand travel entrepreneurship, most entrepreneurs are using U3D development, relatively speaking, U3D practitioners in the domestic relatively easy to find. At present, the mainstream U3D talent in the market is mainly active in hand travel companies, through the U3D official developer forums and hand travel industry media to find the appropriate talent. The second is the main game designer, master planning for this talent I tend to compare the times of the game, the product features and user habits, familiar with the host gaming platform such as 2-3. A more complete large client network game, or host game products, from product development to the on-line planning experience, familiar with the network game and the network game market situation. The author believes that the composition of the VR game can basically be comparable to the next era of the game. Whether it’s game design or planning.

, Kang Kang of Beijing Normal University, said, "as a liberal arts student, I feel that technology-based enterprises may not attach importance to civilian posts.". In this talk I feel desperate for sh419’s sincerity, it not only pay attention to technical job, also attaches great importance to the civilian jobs. There are also presenters mentioned that entrepreneurs, growth plans and "warm science and technology" also makes my eyes bright, the original sh419 still has so many meaningful activities. "

in addition to the above two core characters, but also need to be VR designers, mainly perfect

2016 spring Recruitment – civilian positions under second field lines at the Beijing Normal University to continue to preach hot recently, the whole scene All seats are occupied. sh419 spring 2016 lectures will be adhering to the "recruit the best person to give maximum space to see the final result, for outstanding talent" talent, talent shows itself for the first large-scale civilian recruitment of liberal arts students, and lectures will be announced in the "entrepreneurial growth plan", "warm" technology has become the highlight theme in the bright spot.

whether it is hand travel, entrepreneurial tide or VR entrepreneurial tide, talent is an essential core of every venture. When we choose to start a business, the formation of a team has become a prerequisite for us. What talents do we need in VR entrepreneurs?. HUAWEI big data director Liu Dongdong said, VR’s market prospects, entrepreneurial team needs three generations of collocation, by understanding the direction of traditional industries, older technology and creative young people to create new and better business model. The so-called "old and middle" refers to a class of people who know a lot about traditional industries. They know more about the difficulties and pain points in the industry, while young people are good at new technologies and new ideas. Such personnel collocation is more conducive to developing a subdivision of the layout of the field." For Liu general recommendations, I believe that more standing in the field of VR industry application entrepreneurship. At present, VR entrepreneurship mainly concentrated in the VR game, VR video, VR industry, according to incomplete statistics, Beishan deep VR property sector entrepreneurs team has total more than 100.



sh419 HR said: "we have always believed that the need for a process from clever to excellence, because we believe that smart people are not necessarily the best, because the best is not innate but acquired growth. So sh419 is willing to provide you with the maximum space to help you from smart to excellent. "

one, talent reserves greater than capital, prepare


some people say that entrepreneurship is like a gamble, gamblers are themselves. There are entrepreneurs who will gamble, the most important is the chips, so most entrepreneurs are frantically looking for capital assistance, there are entrepreneurs who say the most important thing is luck. So a few entrepreneurs in the business early on the first men to enter the industry. Maybe he will become fodder, he might have become a millionaire.

it is understood that in healthy entrepreneurs growth plan, 2015 is jointly sponsored by sh419 and University of Science & Technology China, joined sh419 9 departments of technology and products of Daniel and well-known professors, the Internet industry big coffee 32 business and academic elite common composition of summer camp tutor team. This summer vacation is about to start the second session of the sh419 college student entrepreneurs growth planning activities will be carried out in the summer camp in Hefei, and to provide technical, product, marketing, investment and other aspects of the wonderful training courses for students participate, in order to inspire students’ all-round entrepreneurial thinking.