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3, create stories that consumers can talk about and get into the topic of public communication. There is a traditional mobile phone manufacturers to look for consultation last year, asked how to make their own mobile phone brand being talked about, communication for a long time, did not find any can talk about this gimmick, every year dozens of mobile phone manufacturers, operators channels, stores and electricity supplier channels covering >

web proxy, web proxy is a proxy server role with anonymous web proxy, the server operating online agent, can use this server as a springboard to browse the Internet, you can hide your true IP and information, the Internet more secure. We must can browse the website.

what are the ways to make profits,

web proxy server, the English full name is Web Proxy Server. Web proxy is a proxy server program on the web, its advantages without any setup, enter the URL choose a good proxy server can access the proxy access mode has become the most popular. Web proxy is a common proxy program. Web agents provide clients with caches of web pages and files on remote sites, enabling clients to browse web sites more quickly and safely. Some web proxy sites are updated daily and access to links is faster.


so, what can traditional companies learn from millet,

web proxies can also filter content from remote web sites. Some censorship software is similar to web hosting, filtering out some web content. For some purposes or protection, some web agents also rearrange the content of your web site. For example, Skweezer can rearrange pages to provide for mobile phones and PDA browsing. These programs are usually written in PHP or CGI programming language. Agents written through CGI can hide the client’s IP, so users can access anonymous Web sites remotely. PHP prepared by the agency uses 64 bit encryption technology, access through the HTTP class uses the fsockopen function to access the target URL, then get the HTML code, each one of these links with the prefix, so the browser still pictures all accessed via PhpProxy and CSS, JS file.

2, consumer opinion community, real-time capture consumer demand, so that consumers participate in the creation. The traditional enterprises understand the needs of consumers, often with a "lag effect", such as the product market, to understand consumer satisfaction feedback speed is very slow. In recent years there are many traditional companies are trying to establish the online consumer community, hope to be able to capture consumer demand for various products and evaluation. Millet through the community to solve this problem, millet community every day a number of fans gathered, and posted a variety of Tucao, these Tucao have become the key to finding the pain point millet. For example, millet is MIUI and consumers to create value, more than 600 thousand of the "Rice noodles" in the millet MIUI operating system design and development, MIUI weekly update, is the crystallization of millet and "Rice noodles" cooperation.

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revelation: the age of the Internet, the consumer is a producer, consumers not only want to participate in product purchase experience and share the link, consumers want to intervene in the production, Crowdsourcing mode, the traditional enterprise worthy of attention, research how to get consumers to participate in product design, worth thinking.


web proxy principle is received browser requirements of the remote web browsing time browser client submitted URL, the agent to start on the current server for remote site cached web page and website, find the target site, the agent will immediately return the data to the user web browser client. If the remote server is the server cache, the agent will automatically read the remote site, will be submitted to the remote site data to the client at the same time, the data cache to provide a browsing demand. The agent automatically deletes the cache based on the time, size, and extraction record of the cache. There are two ways to delete, one is to delete the oldest preserved data, the other is to delete the cache which is the least extracted. These two methods can also be used in combination.

years manufacturing industry to enter the traditional territory, completely rely on the Internet and sales of billions of enterprises, only millet do, although there are a lot of enterprises rely on the Internet to inject new genes, but it seems not so dazzling millet.

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revelation: innovation is not overwhelming, but you really into the consumer’s life scene, starting from the pain points of consumers, the pain point into a new experience.

millet released 3 millet and millet smart TV conference yesterday, the crowded scene huge crowds of people, all kinds of screams and applause of fans, once again let millet hunger marketing campaign, once again made headlines in science and technology.

1, the consumer pain points enlarged to stimulate consumer demand for pain points. Millet into the mobile phone market, the definition is "fancier mobile phone", in the past only geeks will deliberately pursue the experience, millet will be perfect, and shouted slogans, guide consumption. For a variety of consumer products seems superfluous improvement, it seems that in the traditional enterprise, are some superfluous things, but millet is guide consumers to pay attention to it. Millet products did not reach the realm of subversion, but rely on the details of micro innovation, the real solution to the pain point of consumers, so that consumers themselves can ignore the pain point, become a consumer concern.