Case study contact us automatic tracking function

has recently been in the promotion of an e-commerce website and other websites of different optimization is the electronic commerce website is more important is the site user experience, and browse the site to achieve the conversion rate of the page has been. Especially if the conversion rate, conversion rate of the tracking website? Noble baby Analytics (analysis) tool goal setting function.

noble baby Analytics (analysis) can distinguish between two different pages, "contact us" and "thank you" page. If you have a "contact us" form, can pop up a "thank you" to the page at the click of a button, for the novice, set the target page time will be more difficult, because the "thank you" page may be just a pop-up window, the window in time to prevent the tracking code it is difficult to find the corresponding code fragment, here are two.

< form action=" [some script]" method=" POST" > ACTION = FORM into < "script" METHOD = "POST" onsubmit = "(pageTracker._trackPageview / ContactThankYou’) >

1, if you contact us for your target page, then the front tracking code must be placed in Figure 9 of this code, to take this proposal because in a page will appear two different pages, perhaps users will access the contact us page, but if it do not submit the form will not visit "thank you" page.



to "contact us" as the case. "Visitors to sites like share holders send queries to contact us" page, complaints or any information in the Analytics in the noble baby (analysis) when tracking the target set, taking into account the tourists in order to complete the transaction, the visitors must access the page, so you back analysis, user access to this page will achieve some trading. Users only need to fill out the form, click the button to achieve the function of submission.

2, if you want to measure the "thank you" page, this seems to be very difficult to achieve, but in fact is not difficult, only click the "will thank you page submit button, so we can take this as the trigger button is entrance page is accessed, add tracking code on the button code fragment, you can achieve.

to realize the function of the "contact us"

two ways to set the effective target of