How to do the site right down

fifth: pay attention to whether the site has ROBOTS.TXT File >

second: check our website title and description of the title and description and whether the web page is the same, the website URL have uniqueness, these two problems if there is a problem, not only will affect included our site, will lead to the front page of our website right down, so we must do optimization note.

fourth: there are plenty of pictures in the website, every picture should be added to the corresponding ALT, the search engine is unable to recognize our website pictures must add related articles, this will be helpful for the better collection of our web spider.

site right down every Shanghai dragon staff will meet, in the face of this problem, we need to maintain a good attitude, to analyze the reasons for our website where, I personally feel that we should from the following several aspects to find our site for:

but with the development of the Internet, the personnel engaged in the Shanghai dragon is also more and more, but because of uneven Shanghai Longfeng technical level, good personnel to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, endangering the health of the Internet, the so-called Shanghai dragon is based on the experience based on the sacrifice of households, and the search engine in order to increase the user experience, start continue to adjust the search engine algorithm, severely hit those sites at the expense of the user experience, right down and K station is the main way of punishment, so when our site is down right, how should we adjust our website


: the first is our diagnosis of the site of the title, keywords and description, check the density of keywords, is suspected of cheating, described keywords to reasonable, let users and search engines can we understand the theme of the site is good what. Also note that the title, keywords and description length is reasonable, whether it is appropriate to use punctuation, words too much or too little will affect our website user experience.


third: look at our website link address is dynamic or static, dynamic link is not conducive to the search engine, we do optimization is the site of the link must be static best, if it is a large site, we must determine the content page and other pages link address, it is best not more than three levels that is the higher level, it is not easy to be collected, collected back to marketing the entire site directly, such as adjusting scheme must be taken immediately, through technical or 301 redirection to solve similar problems.

with the development of the Internet, whether it is business or traditional business, network marketing has become more and more important, so we as the Shanghai dragon enterprise personnel, the pressure is constantly increasing, we must strengthen the practical basis, its continuous learning, continuous innovation, the pace of development as the Internet is the best policy.