Website optimization method of personal views

on the Internet in a bad mouthing Shanghai dragon in the big environment, most people are more or less confused, do not know whether it is useful to optimize their knowledge, or how to optimize the website effect? In website optimization method of Shanghai Longfeng different, resulting in different site optimization results. Do most want to see is the site rankings have been stable in front, in the process of love Shanghai non-stop adjustment remains good and stable website ranking. The following website optimization method for sale fly high wind to talk about their own studio, we hope to inspire.

1, with white hat techniques as the key link, the pursuit of the user experience for the purpose.

everything is constantly evolving, the search engine is no exception. Love Shanghai from time to time change algorithm, fly sale studio remind all optimization methods also need to make corresponding adjustments according to the change of love Shanghai. For example: in October 23rd the chain about cheating the announcement, the number of the chain to the site’s ranking does not help much, even lead to the site by K. So the website optimization techniques need to be adjusted. >

read again, search engine optimization guide to love Shanghai official, after the Shanghai times love adjustment, optimization guide again read love Shanghai official. Love is the greatest feeling Shanghai officials have revealed what optimization behavior is welcome, optimization of what kind of behavior is cheating. That love Shanghai official search optimization guide to read several times, so you can take effective optimization methods better, thus reducing the love of Shanghai on the site suspected of cheating. The love of Shanghai that can optimize the behavior well, believe that targeted, such website optimization can get.

resolutely resist the use of black hat cheating, short-term money or behavior to make achievements. The black hat cheating site optimization, the effect is fast, the ranking is good, but love Shanghai in the second half of 2012 the algorithm adjustment, let these sites have disappeared. In October to the new website, a keyword ranking index is no longer as easy as before optimization. Love Shanghai, the adjustment of the algorithm, we optimize the technique to make adjustments accordingly. My heart don’t have opportunistic thinking, honestly do stand, the white hat optimization technique, the pursuit of the user experience of the site. This website to love Shanghai several times in the adjustment, still does not fall.

2, follow the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide V1.0/V2.0", in order to long-term stability of website ranking.

sometimes exaggerated fluctuations in the rankings, even if it is still the first, adverse to the development of enterprises. For example: one year and 12 months, one month ranked first, because the use of the technique of black hat website is k, but in the other months but can not find the place. Obviously it can stabilize the long-term effect on the home page ranking.


3, Shanghai Webmaster Platform love always pay attention to the latest announcement, a deep understanding of the working principle of search engine, grasp the latest love Shanghai, so as to adjust the optimization technique.