The rapid increase in the 9 sites included the amount of know how

set the title for the website "

Now the search engine of 5, Crawling with original contentThe new domain name weight

level of PR is based on the number of the chain, the chain is the main reason for the collected influence. A new content update frequency is high, but the chain increased slowly, is not a good website. The best way is to close synchronization.

no doubt the site map is a site must be done, the map can help the spider crawl the entire site.


site navigation interface clear

Matt Cutts once said, the amount collected and the number of web spider crawling is directly proportional to PR, generally the higher the PR, included the better, the more times the spider crawling. Shanghai love weight is similar, the higher the weight, the higher ranking.


clear structure of the site can make search engine very good. Navigation to clear, try to let the spider crawl the site’s main page fast.

site map

page in the reverse link chain is pointing to the content of the page, the chain can let your pages have very good ranking, can also be included in other pages to drive within the page, a page of the chain will bring a good amount included.

Google included quantity for large sites are difficult to calculate, due to various reasons, site out of the amount collected is not real included. We recommend the use of Google webmaster tools may be accurate. For the love of Shanghai, you can use the love sea has just launched the webmaster tools query the index fell in love with the sea. There is love in Shanghai, the present numerical site syntax is the index estimated, compared to. The webmaster recommended to use the new tools for us, and we are also working to improve site grammar.

7, the title of the novel

included the amount of spiders may not be accurate, but we can use some positive methods to stimulate it, let the spider better and more included in our website, the following is a detailed method:

included most of the site is not complete, especially for new sites, large sites, whether it is love or forum Shanghai know there are a lot of people asked the same question. Here in my personal experience to explain, of course, my Google search engine for a better understanding of Google, mainly from the answer.



3 pages, the reverse link

just released must try to reduce the number of the original, pseudo original. Now different before, most of the search engines can well identify similar content, does not give the weight transfer. Long to pseudo original content, the weight of the slow increase of children’s attention, more original.

reverse linkThe Identification of Web site content and grasping

1, PR,