The rapid increase in the high quality Links method

Links the earth people know, but how to quickly find related to your site and link the theme of the Links? There are still a lot of skills, some people love from the inside to find relevant directory site navigation. And I use another method, is the analysis of competitors on the website Links, there may be more than this tool can help us to quickly complete the work, in the noble baby in the input "Links check" you can find many such tools. So what specific analysis? These days I operate below according to the simple example:

A few days ago, For example,

wrote "Ten Principles" of the construction of the chain, and explains how to judge and choose the high quality of the chain. Now to talk about how to quickly increase the high quality chain, preferred to talk about is Links.

I am looking for Links to my fortune I do EDAW, the theme is the fortune of the word, this time I will search for the word "fortune" in Shanghai, to find the top website ranking high, then the friend chain tools used to analyze their love station site chain. Below is my analysis of a competitor’s website can be seen, this website in higher rank, the high weight of the chain is a very important factor. From this station before several friends of the chain, included are not too high, but we can see that love Shanghai for they are awesome, but second less, basically from the sea to fall in love with IP in more than 2W. It can be seen that love Shanghai with the weight of PR, snapshot, included the amount can not be equated, so don’t superstitious so-called PR with the amount included, snapshots can refer to. This is the way, do not start speaking.

in addition to the attention is to pay attention to the choice of the anchor text links inside the friend. Many of my friends are in the station name as their anchor text, if the station name is the key for you to do it, but if not, then it is shooting two birds with one stone, waste. We are closed chain word use to do the chain.

I usually practice is a one-time analysis of multiple sites outside the chain, then export to Excel format, and then start according to the actual situation of their own website to choose. Select the time according to the actual situation of their own website. I will generally be from high to low ranking in Shanghai choose to love Shanghai love weight, high weight, and PR value and included the number or PR included with how much lower than their weight, but the love of Shanghai is higher than their own site to exchange. Because of this communication is easier to succeed, but the effect is very good. There is a successful example, I love Shanghai PR3, included more than 5000, one day I saw a website, PR0, love Shanghai included more than 1000 points, I check, the weight is very high, and told him to exchange links, the results of the day to give me fifty or sixty IP, equivalent to a similar navigation to flow, and some other PR included high site every day but only one or two ip.