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: first keyworded thesaurus

yesterday I shared a: analysis of food electricity supplier website optimization details examples today continue to talk about this food business website Shanghai dragon how to operate, if you are a business class website of Shanghai Longfeng project supervisor, then from what aspects to hand optimize work? Arrangements for staff and team management is an important link. Do large website optimization like enterprise station so simple enterprise station Shanghai dragon one can work for it. But like the halal food business website, the optimization work should be carried out step by step, everything in good order and well arranged. The optimization work on keyword mining, data statistics and the set of keywords, these are the focus, there may be tens of thousands of a food business class website, or even hundreds of thousands of product pages, how do we do keyword sorting and layout of

screening good keywords, we should consider how to layout the keywords, such as this kind of halal food business website, the page is very large, so the production program can only use the title of the inside pages, and keywords >



Keywords: how to layout

as above, this is the author of a simple keyword form EXCEL, certainly not the keyword database, we need to develop a website thesaurus system, convenient for us to manage a large number of keywords. For example: the keywords spiced Beef in Brown Sauce, focus on expanding the word and the long tail word it a lot, and this product corresponds to a URL page. The first step in a large site must first do Shanghai dragon, that is because the choice of words, keywords and long tail word too much, especially the long tail word is very important, because of the long tail word conversion rate is relatively high, so we will do many possible words long tail layout. The need for the establishment of thesaurus with some programs and software, so the workload of manual is difficult to complete, so we must have a mining tool, a program management system keywords, but also on the long tail word conversion rate. Make clear what the high conversion rate of long term, which is not the long tail word conversion rate.


the number of long tail words too, the degree of competition in the key words. The first point: first explain the keyword and page is certainly correlation as high as possible, for example: the word spiced Beef in Brown Sauce its corresponding page should be about five Beef in Brown Sauce introduction, but how to do the word spiced Beef in Brown Sauce corresponding page should be to teach you how to make a five Beef in Brown Sauce. And then look at the two point: if I want to learn how to make the five Beef in Brown Sauce, then I will direct the search of the keywords, of course I want to see the page is not let me buy five Beef in Brown Sauce, then the word for selling spiced Beef in Brown Sauce website conversion rate is gone. The third point is to look at the key words of the degree of competition, some words of competition is too large for the layout of pages.

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Keywords: how to screen