Shanghai Longfeng keyword layout experience

we get to do a web site optimization, the first thing to consider is the core keywords, long tail keywords, long tail keywords core keywords in the home, located in the directory page and inside pages. Not all the words all piled up in the home. Then some website main keywords many how to handle it? We still believe that as a small website, the first page of the weight is limited, the use of home 3 keywords optimization is more reasonable, so the excess do? We can send their distribution to the directory page or web page to optimize. If all the heap in the home is the inevitable result of a keyword ranking are not. Some webmaster to update the content for the sole purpose to increase the inside pages, there is absolutely no effect, we must focus on the inside pages of long tail keywords to expand the content, rather than aimlessly. We should like to Pyramid keywords layout, home to about 3, optimization of long tail keywords within the pages and the directory page as much as possible.

we do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, keywords layout will be the factors must be given priority, I have read many articles about Shanghai Longfeng keywords layout, but the feeling they write is not perfect, and even some articles can be misleading, we issued a Yichang Shanghai dragon Research Center for an understanding and view keywords layout here.

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Keywords Keywords

first site macro layout

2 page keywords and description tags, and we try to place only in the keywords home page to complete the core keywords, keywords and fluent in description, for example, we practice website:

1, the title contains keywords, the sooner the better and the core keywords appear. For small and medium sites with keywords _ website name is reasonable, our website title is this: Yichang Shanghai dragon Research Center _ Yichang Shanghai dragon, Yichang website optimization, we only do 2 core keywords, and Yichang Shanghai dragon would appear in the front, so we used the name of the web site keywords _ approach, but other small and medium-sized websites we suggest that keywords appear in the front.


second: home page keyword layout

our macro layout has been OK, then how should the Shanghai dragon home key layout? We have the following 4 points: