Network optimization strategy website optimization to Neiwaijianxiu

to let the spider crawling smoothly properly. Let all your pages with coherence. Let the spiders crawl more pages. If you look at the web page keywords food is, what is the food where the weights are obtained. Through these two illustrates the importance of reasonable and perfect and even within the website structure. The specific how to look at the distribution chain, spiders, to dig.

search engine algorithm can really change the face of Cao Cao. The love of Shanghai’s political reform. Let us elusive, if a big update, can think and know our website is what, even as Cao Cao met Jiang Gan suffered, the flow is greatly reduced. How to make love Shanghai algorithm changes without affecting the website? Many webmaster Zhu Geliang also sing a kongchengji – no way. Today I will talk about is how to keep the weight is not in method ranking home page. Hope you through these methods to stabilize their own website, and then explore the new optimization method. To share.


in action:

station optimization – stable website weight indispensable method:

we talk today from the two main methods of content; and in the chain, and not to talk about the details of the optimization of the station. Because I think sometimes result oriented details often is Zhang Fei mother surnamed Wu — nothing.


The station optimization

Methods enhance the website weight indispensable station optimization: We focus on the optimization of

update for web content, I think it is — for the original The more, the better. borrow arrows with thatched boats, and, I don’t think a good way is to optimize the original, because a good article is a waste of time. For our webmaster, time is very valuable. I don’t want most do stand friends and spend time in the original. Of course, some personal blog. We can simply look at the news station, most of them are collected, the original basically includes a few, new site acquisition is very serious. This is the reason why I am fond of pseudo original comparison.

is actually the station optimization is not close to what people say, just outside the chain outside the station.

The chain chain structure

was standing outside the optimization used the word stable website weight, or not ascend, the reason lies in the current search engine algorithm to adjust the chain now than before in the previous results, through the anchor text and link to a page that can put the word ranking to start. But now it is impossible to. Now the search engine technology promotion. The chain can only be used as a stable website weight, ranking to maintain on.

station today said even: even within the ditch into an important means within a site connected. From the figure we see:

– From the chart we can see