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station for nearly two years, just before doing the play, the heart that own a station seems to have a sense of achievement, and has done a variety of personal homepage, forum etc.. Finally positioned in the film and television station, until now.

      contact time for a long time, especially after the outdated, see many webmaster success story, then germination of the idea of doing station money. Spent a full two days, research on various ways to stop money, originally launched shlf1314 and other click ads, I think the results are small, and the payment cycle is long. Could not resist a coalition of Gary Ruanmoyingpao induced, I am very happy to try, but do down the results are not satisfactory, I like every day about forty thousand traffic television station, how many registrations I believe we can work out every day, a month down the income of only shlf1314 70%, though, but still do not want to give up, to know the Union message is on pay, I have fallen into good feelings can get money in a day, so the search network, has also made six home, had not received the money, had a week of continuous looking for customer service no one appeared, it makes me lose confidence completely to the alliance.

      when I want to regain click advertising, and have an alliance to find me, a painful lesson in front of, naturally I spurned her, and she did not give up, the next few days, every day she approached the initiative, I say your heart we are not doing this alliance, before I was done after Grandpa, designated as a grandson, he ignored her. She is still a not to refuse to be cowed or submit, do not give up the potential, regardless of day or night, and even in the early morning, as long as I see online, she will be very polite to say, see this, I have some.

      one is the mood is not good, they say, you say you are a woman, let me see the video I letter, I did not think she readily agreed, it is really a long hair beauty. Perhaps the man heart flood, the conversation, we talk very happy, and I naturally immediately put their treasure alliance code, thought no wrong once again, anyway, these days have been used, however, to my surprise, I put them in the code, to chat with her at the end of the two hours, I can see the account had 9 successful volume, up high to my delight, after a few days every day I can have hundreds of income, in order to effectively use the traffic, I removed the shlf1314 Advertising, until now I still do a treasure alliance. The treasure alliance never let me down, even if it is 315 a month ago, I asked several webmaster friends, they are not as good as me up.

      by this chance, I have only one station for two years, and 5


  dear union members:
"autumn love, love Monroe, Monroe underwear autumn autumn shopping goods story" is about to begin!

1. sales more than 300 yuan 500 yuan, will increase 1% Commission on the original Commission basis.
2. sales more than 500 yuan 2000 yuan, in addition to 1% Commission, will also receive the following prizes provided by the Monroe network choose one of the two
JOHN SHEN Shushuang flat pants, worth 358 yuan; a stylish bikinis pantyhose, $158
3. sales of more than 2000 yuan, in addition to the Commission increased by 1%, will get JOHN SHEN elastic skin bodybuilding waistcoat, worth 508 yuan or 268 yuan worth of Manifen skin robe.

> – where during the event through the linktech alliance website to buy things and Monroe net actual payment account does not return the user to enjoy the following preferential
1. every single purchase of 150 below 250 and free coupons, can be exempted from the 5 yuan freight;
2. single purchase of 250 or more excluding tickets, free shipping to 10 yuan if the sender post office will be 5 yuan to transfer the remaining Monroe gold
3. Beijing member shopping every 100 yuan excluding coupons can all freight, the other as a pirate mobile phone chain.

Note: new members to address first free coupons, the coupon can be Monroe in the online purchase of goods as cash, and each shopping can also enjoy 5% shopping discount, this discount amount converted to Monroe gold on your account to facilitate your Monroe next use />menglu/huodong/070620ca/070620ca.htm
< BR shopping card for October 31st, please timely attention.

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