How to use blogs to improve website ranking

so, when we go to high weight forum posts his hair as far as possible a formal point theme and then take their own links, the government will find a seemingly not banned posts go back to a post (don’t use water form).

now!First, the use of

now all the major forum has not to literally take their signature. But looks like A5. If it can’t take the signature forum to do? Then look down a lot of people love to go to the water district reply to other people’s Posts and then take their link to the website, we should pay attention to this, although at that time is added a chain, but my friends thought not, if your post is how do delete? And just love Shanghai collected this post. So the next time that you love Shanghai update a lot of the chain do not exist, may your site will be back in a chain of the instability of the title. So your ranking can be stable. Of course, the old station chain does not care about this, if the new station might have a little trouble.


first, we take the theme of the website blog name on the name, if possible links to your web site and write. Secondly, I think the article according to your site’s theme to this opportunity, import traffic is very big. Create a circle of their own, others go to the blog to leave a message will bring certain traffic to your blog. There are a lot of features, like those last blog, what personal data, add music, who saw you, who.

forum signature


believe that the friends all know, blog, forum can increase the site outside the chain so as to improve the ranking and flow website ranking and stable website! Some time ago my friend said to me a few points, he said that my website ranking is not very stable, the morning came in second in fourth place in the afternoon, the station keywords "" now Shanghai ranked second in Europe and america. Some time ago to have a similar situation, a little worry will be reduced right again. I think those good friends said, to talk about and share share!

Second, the use of

blog can not only increase the chain also can bring certain flow for you, for the QQ, the non mainstream station is not what, but for other aspects of the site useful, especially those of the product promotion website! Blog also want to pay attention to methods, the blog ranking is up to your natural flow will be more. Natural stable chain.

said that security blog forum, also have no reason. After all, the general blog management authority in their own hands. A blog site has its own 100 chain and one hundred blogs on each with a chain. This is completely different. Some friends are love for two or three blog, and then have nothing to the hair with the chain. This effect is not big, not to spare some time to apply for so dozens or hundreds of blogs, you will find that among the hair that the effect is obvious. (blog resources online, love Shanghai line)