How to All flowers bloom together off the lead out to your article

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3, a good title is very important, from the series of articles can be seen in the small series title is directly used to define the keywords, this title is simple and can be focused well, of course, the most popular spider to my site, and often observe www.name2012贵族宝贝 friends may find me in the website of this piece under the foot work, many articles are directly used to direct the long tail keywords named as the title of the article, it can not only let us save a lot of heart to think of the title can also get traffic from many long tail keywords.

2, and the title match content, the content of course in addition to the original, but also must be consistent with the title, "do not cry up wine and sell vinegar" approach.


, do the above points, small when writing, but also in the form of illustrations to show this article, this can let users do not have visual fatigue, but also can be combined with pictures and text in the form of optimization, of course need to add a keyword for this in picture ALT this is the two.

can be seen from the figure, the small page "broken character signature" in the search engine ranked first, but among the top five of the weight of the site is far higher than the small website, then why am I this relatively low weight of the site than the weight of these high and rankings are better it is through these small tricks to optimize my site posts page.

1, the article must be original, the popularity of the original article, everybody is obvious to people, and from every love Shanghai update kill acquisition pseudo original site a lot of also can be learned, so to the page ranking is very good, original content will be less.

4, from the figure we can see the article page title in addition to the website, there is a simple and concise web site keywords, the article, of course, these are small deliberately to write, this is actually the main thing is to let the spider can better and faster to know what this is we want to express, what is to provide for the visitors, this concise wording is by the spider love oh.

believe that many of my friends have found that, when competitors website weight is equivalent to my site weight even lower, but the same keywords under his article page ranking is always better than me. For such a small initial situation is also deep, then observed in a series of articles page ranking good site, found a lot of influence on the page ranking factors, today to share with you, I hope to help you. First of all, in this small series on the first chart to confirm small what are the actual combat experience, not boast.