To the enterprise workers in Shanghai Longfeng Er how to make a reasonable goal of Shanghai Dragon

is a Shanghai dragon people, not the individual owners; this is for business services. Then, as the Shanghai dragon so in reality a leading enterprise salary in the occupation, leading your assessment, especially hope that such a "quantitative" goal. However, did Shanghai Longfeng people know, due to the inherent uncertainty of Shanghai dragon, in a certain time period "quantitative" it really simple? Or do you dare to clap breast with the leadership said: "I can do it and the words within three months." In fact, you do this, some leaders also are not satisfied, he proposed, in a period of time to reach the number in the chain, he asks you: "within 3 months of anti chain can reach 3000?" when you listen to, maybe I chuckle. But, in fact, this is a false proposition, in pseudo keyword ranking and the chain quality. Before answering this question, you have to ask yourself a few questions in mind: first, how much the chain resources available? Second, keyword competition much? Third, the chain included ratio? If it is 50%, it means that you want to send to the chain 6000; generally speaking, outside the chain included ratio is very low, so the chain reached 3000 and is not so simple a thing.

let’s come with thinking about the three questions. As the chain resources, not for individual owners of the Shanghai dragon Er, the enterprise is not available to you about what resources in this area, all of this is to find their own experience, it is easy to think of the Internet, several large forum, Post Bar: classification, classified information website, B2B e-commerce website, blog SNS, website, bookmarks, favorites, directory etc.. Looks like a lot of resources, but with the popularity of Shanghai dragon and the concept of love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, in many places especially forum has restricted the chain, before Shanghai dragon is not what has been done well; Shanghai dragon from the earliest simple stack keywords in the page to the construction of the chain, and then into everything from now the user experience of the brand, and socialization. This change in recent years is particularly prominent, so here, say a digression, Shanghai dragon concept of Shanghai dragon er you urgently need to change, but sadly most of the enterprises still remain in the previous understanding, outside the Shanghai dragon Er is one or two person do, given permission to support less. So, if you do not have a strong economic support, means that you spend a lot of time to develop these accounts, take considerable time to write some soft Wen to improve the quality of the chain? But, do you remember the number of the chain you promised? Although the chain, with the number of keywords ranking still has close relationship. But now, the quality is obviously more than the number, the number of domain names is more than the number of. You can get from a famous webmaster forum signature of thousands of the chain number in the short term, but you promised the keyword ranking? So, I said, do not promise the two goals of leadership put forward: the number of keywords ranking and the chain. In the leadership given time, most is a pseudo proposition, because they do not understand the Shanghai dragon. < >