Webmaster Welfare opening love Shanghai recommend and use method

Second step When

is in May this year, Shanghai has issued a recommendation of love, with similar functions, are recommended in the station "other relevant page or user interested pages, but it was also just closed, so did not cause a sensation. But in October 30, 2013 this day, love Shanghai is completely open, which means that any use of a love Shanghai Statistics website, can use love Shanghai recommended.

The first step of

in the open for the first time entered the love Shanghai and the related recommendation set, the whole process is very simple, with a total of a few minutes, said the following about how to use love in Shanghai.

the fourth step, select the style template. Three recommended types, each of which can use pictures, text type and text mixed style. The picture in pictures, each picture below are related to the title; text type is relatively monotonous, just simple text and graphic description; mixed type is a few pictures with more text description. In the opinion of the author, the text type effect may be the worst, but the loading speed is certainly the fastest, picture and graphic mixed user experience should be better.

, site selection. List of sites you add in Shanghai love in statistics of those sites.

recommend detailed settings. It is divided into three parts: the recommended basic settings, style settings and preview area. >

select recommended type. Love Shanghai currently offers three types of recommended: pop style embedded, sideslip. The pop style recommendation is on the page corner pops up a small window, the window contains some recommended page links, embedded directly to the text recommended content embedded in web pages, and the sideslip is in the left and right sides of "slide out the recommended content. It should be said that these three forms are not unfamiliar to the webmaster, even if you have not used, should also meet in other sites too. Among them, pop style and sideslip didn’t need to install additional code in the page, you can directly open the statistics in Shanghai love recommendation function, you must modify the embedded web page code, and then re generated web pages.

The Third step

 Fifth step

in this emphasis, pay attention to the user experience of the Web2.0 era, how to be more high-quality content is displayed to the user is a difficulty. In this regard, at present there have been a lot of related tools can be the site within the page to crawl, and then recommend to the user, the more famous is hunting, Lezhi, friends recommended. Although the current market or multinational hegemony era, but with the opening of love Shanghai recommended, probably to the overlord.

, login Shanghai recommend love. Please love Shanghai statistical account login recommended if you love Shanghai, love Shanghai promotion users can login with the promotion account. If these two accounts are not, it can not use love Shanghai recommended.