Website optimization experience where road

then began to work every day. Every day of the original 6 articles, mainly in Shanghai, Post Bar sex experience, search encyclopedia, know, two network industry chain, B2B website, classified information, forums, video, blog…… The chain. The edit field, there is a small problem, is still use some anchor link (a, not all is now home), it may not be what is good; the chain, no great innovation. Is the surface quality and do more.

is a mid August afternoon, I decided to give up the current network is in charge of work under the pain in the car. On the way to send a text message to a company, also need to ask you whether to look at? 10 minutes later received a reply, said Zhao Shanghai dragon. The telephone exchange after my car came to the company, and the boss chat, to finalize the work second days. At that time, when it comes to 9 points from 6 points, mutually agreed views. However, I did not expect, after some wrong operation bring me a lot of trouble.

second error: changes in the site before at the same time, (beginning in June 200, found that the acquisition) than to write and modify, delete collection articles. In fact, you know, before the article or have included page, delete as reserved reserved as slowly modify.

third error: there is no time to write the correct robots.txt, there is no use to submit delete error pages, not to mention 404 principles and website.



a few days ago, the boss said that a friend (network optimization company boss, industry Master): the site is due to the love of Shanghai Post Bar hair too much, caused by excessive site drop right! He said, I was a single optimization method. So, what can I say? The boss has begun to question my views or is the Shanghai dragon, I myself. Well, let us talk about the story.

result, site did not drop right before, ranking index keywords undulator ups and downs, did not rise to the first two pages. The site at the end of September drop right, site home no longer first, no ranking. Until now, there is no change. The National Day Golden Week holiday for 7 days, after receiving a holiday in the confusion, this week is running over. As for the love of Shanghai and the 360 bidding auction, there is no special good effect. To be honest, this is an experience I work since most attentively the worst. Although the boss now they comfort me, but I am very confused, do not know what time the site can be good.


error: first after work, found an old domain name just website, revised in June, deadline before work contains all the old web page, a new page only included the home page and several channel page. At that time, ready to do a large-scale make snap, first to modify the site title and description. No later and before the programmer to communicate well, and restore the original Tags again edited a return.