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network era is the era of fast food, most of the content is updated to replace all very soon. Search engines rely solely on site access to historical weight of the era has passed. Now the old station advantage has gradually not so obvious before. Especially not to attract new users to the site, will gradually lose weight in the search engine. Here it refers to the new user, not the kind of one-time access user. But what is said above, some heads of users.

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we all know, is the chain we usually said. This is undoubtedly to be applied to personal webmaster maximum point. If the search engine technology is mature enough.

love Shanghai has always stressed that directly affect the site in Shanghai love weight is user experience. So, the weight of the website more profound is the source of the user. The general webmaster is mainly engaged in the content and the chain. The content is for customer service, and the webmaster do outside the chain, with the idea that search engine was originally spread by users of the link, and the link is not the webmaster initiative. Because the user’s communication links can better reflect the value of the site. The chain is the webmaster of this behavior but simulated users.

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The number of new users of

on the website, but divided into two kinds of active and passive access to information for information. In either case, the residence time of the user can side that user to page satisfaction. In addition to the content to meet the needs of users, page chaos, pop three four and so on will directly influence the user whether to stay. At this point, the more simple the more popular with users.

back rate of

access depth, refers to the user since you this page, this page from you again to other pages, and then go on. If the site has enough to attract the user’s information, the user will click on the other links for more information. The importance of this factor has been the Shanghai dragon’s approval, statistics in the third party website which also joined the statistical function. So, in a proper place on the part of users may interest the article link is optimized. For example, at the bottom of the right column or on the related articles, recommended articles are a good choice.

has very good performance from one side to the user satisfaction with a web site. But now is the era of the brand, the brand for the love Shanghai website, is to give good weight. Which one of the important characteristics of brand, is a return. The better the general brand website, back rate is higher. Return rate for the website is undoubtedly one of the largest positive. So, in addition to the construction of good content, allowing users to consider more for the second visit, and even become a method. Well this is a truly successful website.