All the problems in Shanghai Longfeng most of the site itself is a problem

I do not have much higher Shanghai Dragon technology, nor what the success of the Shanghai dragon case. But is Shanghai dragon defeats more. Learn from Shanghai dragon now has half the time. In order to practice Shanghai dragon made five or six websites, including the Shao Lianhu blog.

then I operated in several other sites. I always insist on not to update daily original articles. Because sometimes really do not know what to write. So, only some of the. I shoot off network also just reproduced some video, nor what substance. So, to now search Pizhou making the network to find their own website.

Shanghai Longfeng often encountered in the operation of a variety of problems in Shanghai dragon. For example, why the website not included ah, the website of the chain how little, a snapshot of the site does not update the web page snapshot of the domain instruction is not in the first place,,,, for so many problems, I can only say that this is caused by the site’s own reasons.

after that, plus Shanghai launched a series of algorithms of love. I began to do the chain. Every day is to write the original article. Because the chain I really don’t know what to do, still do not do. This blog has nearly two months. The previous time check your website and chain. And the search site can not find the names. However, everything is all right now. What does this say.

I even >

at the first site operation of Shanghai dragon, tiger net. At the beginning of all normal, including the site included, outside the chain. And the home page snapshot snapshot, and domain are in the first. Later, domain is not the first home page snapshot. Search site name can not find their own website. The website included delete keywords, no rankings. Site outside the chain to reduce, website right down these problems. No matter how hard they try, has no effect.

this is my stroke all the original article. Almost every day in writing. So, this is the site of the quality, value. For a long time, Shanghai is also a natural love for good included. The name of the website can also search to. Therefore, all other problems did not. Before that can not change the title. I do know, but even if this blog title did not matter. Why, a powerful support site it not because of a mistake is to punish the love of Shanghai.

I think I need to update the site every day, update some of the original false news, later insisted on not just reprint articles. I think that the chain is important. One day in the BBS signature chain. Look for the chain resources, but the garbage chain resulting in the site worse. Later know the high quality of the chain is important. Although the site is down right now, I think that if we continue to update the original article, the high quality of the chain can be. A day of Shanghai products, library, know class soft, but still no effect.