Talk about the webmaster forum and indissoluble bound 10 yuan prepaid

as a webmaster, if you have A5 forum for "10 yuan" certification and tangled? Whether it was the 28 push forum, laggards forum upgrade slow trouble? Ever because of a "10 yuan prepaid" and give up to a forum? Go to today only to find that there are so few webmaster forums and "10 yuan prepaid" has an indissoluble bound. It must be through the webmaster forum on "10 yuan prepaid" this level of

note: since April 3, 2013, the forum officially launched push bean recharge function, for novice users, only need to recharge 500 push beans (10 yuan), which can quickly upgrade to the village level promotion, also has exclusive certification medal. Enhance the level can not only have in other forum posting privileges, but also have the character signature with hyperlink permissions.

tip: to avoid Fillmore large-scale irrigation, Shanghai dragon why forum through Alipay authentication. Recharge 10 yuan, the purchase of 200 points, won the "connected with the forum signature" and in all sectors in accordance with the provisions of posting privileges.

but still quite optimistic about the ChinaZ Forum:

1. forum posts at the bottom of the forum signature is signature behind, followed by a "signature" message, click on the links to your personal signature settings page.

, head of the forum and indissoluble bound, "10 yuan prepaid"…


3. open, and that content is:


2. find personal signature, and then displays a "click to buy points

A5, a powerful forum, registered members must recharge 10 yuan can enjoy the forum signature, posting replies function.

tip: online recharge $10 after successful recharge, the system automatically obtain member privileges and an application for permanent

tip: July 20, 2012, as long as the recharge 500 push currency (10 yuan), you can directly reach the "intern" level, can the forum post, space log permissions, and have character signature with hyperlink permissions. Not like I used to slowly upgrade for a long time, in order to have a chain of authority.


28, in 2012 has suddenly begun to push the implementation of the "10 member recharge" certification. (don’t charge can also upgrade is slow, must upgrade to "assistant" to grade.

18, launched the "10 yuan prepaid" enjoy "the certification mark, and that members of your level. (this forum does not charge money can still use Oh, when the migrant workers is slowly upgrade.


why, Shanghai dragon "10 yuan prepaid" to. Today is May 17th (see, should be for the new registered users.

1, love Shanghai introduced the garbage chain evaluation standard, A5 forums >