Talk about how to use the competition website optimization


website, a good way is at the early stage of learning from competitors, later reached beyond. Of course, the premise is your site to have its own characteristics, but no one is perfect, which requires continuous learning and reference, learn from others. As Shanghai dragon always pay attention to competitive optimization of other sites, to relax their research and not a day. General in the search engine keywords are the top 3 websites is the focus of our research. Careful comparison, always find their own shortcomings, which need to improve, we will be able to make their way of targeted optimization is more reasonable. Sometimes even the details of the discovery are also very useful.

then we can start from the internal site, a careful analysis of the label. The most important is the analysis of the title tag, the first analysis of how they grasp their word, keyword density and the distribution of keywords, make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of all. Then we have to analyze their website structure, website content is nothing more than the overall architecture, two columns, page design, website internal structure, including the directory structure, URL settings, use H1, H2, strong tags, internal links layout etc.. Finally, we also analyze the website included in the article, the use of the keywords, quality and label layout, update the time to pay special attention to.

competitors, the following are a few examples.

The chain method Your need to optimize the defects of the

competitors must study. The method of the chain too much, can not be perfect in every respect. But we can learn from the good way. The quality of the chain well, should not be underestimated. So not only their own behind closed doors, but also learn from the many long. For Links, we also need to record backup.

There are many methods of

first must find out who the opponent is. It depends on the competition keywords, small competitors face less, not more than 3. The competition is large, the number of such sites must statistics, the first 5 will be the main object of our competition. In general, the website will be on the competition big words do optimization. The results of analysis of old site and the new site is not the same, especially familiar with the new website search engine, it will make great efforts in the optimization of the above. In addition there are websites or columns, use the home page within the page, these circumstances should compare their advantages and disadvantages, in order to find the optimal way to meet their own.

after completing the first step, to be familiar with competitor’s website domain name, server, we often put a lot of effort, still not ideal place, the reason is caused by these hardware factors. No trivial matter effect of a good domain name and server on the website, at least can make up for the lack of optimization methods on. We must as far as possible in the beginning to choose a good domain name space.

positioning, several important aspects is the website and customer website operation mode should be timely analysis. The above steps are completed.