On site experience three principles should be paid attention to

first, the first impression of the website; first impression including website domain name, website to open after the art professional degree, content of the web site or the single theme is messy, details and so on, or wide of the mark, the first impression is very important; here, a good domain name is to promote the fundamental impression, according to my own the idea is, when users come to your website and found that he can find the required knowledge, then he will look at the website domain name, this time, a good domain name is vital, like 360buy, etc. in the form, so here is my advice if you want to a website is bigger, but every day full maintenance, then we must find a relevant point of the domain name, Pinyin + number, is generally preferred, and It is also relatively easy to find, not a long line of Pinyin, no one reason for careful study of your domain name is how to form a simple, and remember, is the choice of the domain name, is our greatest help and experience for the user experience. Moreover, the space requirements will be reflected here, find a stable, fast host, is the user’s trust will have a great help.


under the rapid development of the Internet, more and more dependent on the time when the site on the site outside the chain, the user experience has been placed in the position of another important height, recently he had been looking for all of the user experience is good place to get some good ways and methods compared here, he said, when what we usually design the website should pay attention to the principle of the user experience of the banner held high is the real way of website optimization.

finally, the interactive nature of the site, in fact, this point is the site of the stickiness of knowledge expressed by a website, the interaction is a symbol of vitality, a forum so energetic, after posting a large amount of post reply, every day has reached tens of thousands, which means you concentrate most people come to your website, communicate, your station is the vitality, which is the site of interaction. "

second, professional website content; when your customers can find his information on your website, will certainly go to see other pages, and if you are on the one hand it is for people to think your station is an excellent site in this industry and it is also the key to improve the user experience, and not just to pull the spider to just, professional website is not only from his own writing, also from the network in other places, some people may say, copying is not original, but have you ever thought about, if the same type of large network you think the same knowledge together, then you will stand on this knowledge have great trust and rely on, this is professional, and we always mentioned, on the network Too much knowledge, but few people put these good knowledge together, if you can do this, I believe success is to grasp the main points of the user experience.