Windows2003 S6 perfect solution WordPress pseudo static

Wei Wencheng used the blog is WordPress system for pseudo static under Nginx is very easy very simple thing, but it may not use the IIS6 method, Internet to find the IIS WordPress pseudo static, but most of them are not ideal, such as the use of pseudo static 404, using ISAPI_ReWrite, there are always this kind of problem.

download decompress anywhere, as long as the guarantee of WordPressURLRewrite.ini and WordPressURLRewrite32.dll (32 bit version, corresponding to the 64 bit version of 64.dll) can be in the same folder.

WordPress URL Rewrite: completely without manual intervention, automatic override URL, only need to set up in the background of fixed link (Permalinks), can be used directly, like Linux htaccess. Can be used in a directory and subdirectories can also exclude the need to rewrite the directory. This is very convenient for some directory does not need URL rewriting will be excluded, will not cause cannot access. Because the automatic, so eliminating the write rewrite rules when the rules caused by the repeated part of directories and files can not achieve the.

Install the WordPress URL Rewrite

due to various reasons, Wei Wencheng blog where the server system change from Linux back to Windows 2003, the blog also so a few days did not normally visit.

accidentally found that WordPress can be used to solve the problems encountered URL Rewrite perfect.

A few days ago

1. WordPress URL Rewrite


then open the WordPressURLRewrite.ini to set up your blog directory, and the directory should be excluded, there is a detailed description of the Readme.txt, here not elaborate.

Component download

Windows2003 IIS6 configuration WordPress pseudo static method:

next, select the appropriate site in IIS, in the ISAPI filter loading WordPressURLRewrite32.dll, after loading the IIS restart or stop site can restart.

download address: 贵族宝贝binaryfortress贵族宝贝/wordpress-url-rewrite

The main functions and characteristics of