Recently Shanghai dragon awesome event Shanghai dragon slipped WHY

idle boring to talk you down, the recent Shanghai dragon happened some what things? What a lot of Shanghai Longfeng community every day, do Shanghai dragon friends in general every day immersed in the network worms, here is from Dongguan Shanghai dragon wind reported:

these 2 sites have been ranked in the front of Shanghai Phoenix are floating clouds, ranking larger also, I remember before Wuhan Lao Chen’s website has been at the front, then has lost sight, which I admire the most is the third station – Sina blog, this is the South Sina blog, I think as a Sina blog can do this effect I was impressed, remember he did before the Guangzhou Shanghai dragon also love Shanghai blog in second, people have to admire, so what he do it? I found the most important thing is he doing when the keyword is a detailed explanation and analysis of key words, make the same official description, it is very important for the user experience, let users need to find in the search.

teacher Cardiff in the post Shanghai dragon WHY Forum: Shanghai dragon WHY ranking fluctuation speculation analysis says it is double IP, but some people is not IP, but recently love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, a lot of old station of Shanghai Longfeng traces is now entering a 11 state, but this is not a long-term love, until the Shanghai algorithm is adjusted, the ranking will still rise, and some say it is Shanghai dragon WHY station, a few days ago, Shanghai dragon WHY also made some adjustments to the website, the signature length increases, increasing the number of columns, city forum, Shanghai Longfeng talent market a series of adjustments, how many will be affected, more gossip people say that it is because of love to give Shanghai the manual intervention, Shanghai dragon ER shows what the monkey see, God The horses are suck, analysis of so many master, which one is the end of the reason? We’ll see only the teacher will return in Cardiff to King position.

1. love Shanghai suck, Shanghai dragon WHY standings: Shanghai Longfeng WHY has been the Shanghai dragon industry big boss, has been ranked in front of Shanghai recently occupied love, love Shanghai ranking fell to second pages, which give bring very hot talk of Shanghai dragon circles, it is the analysis of Public opinions are divergent., personally Cardiff teacher:


2. business competition hot start: Recently sponsored by the business forum, Tai Chi circle sponsorship, caifutong, Shanghai based dragon guide, Shanghai dragon WHY forum, stationmaster net, Analysys club, for which the observer, Xue Zhuo Shanghai Longfeng club, webmaster voice business to Shanghai dragon forum, a push, soft network media is full support, the Shanghai Dragon World German industry leader, many webmaster contact I have participated in the business competition, is currently more optimistic: