Share a gradual recovery Taizhou examination network is down right after experiencing the love of Sh

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yesterday is June 23rd, also is the "Taizhou examination network" after the revision due to operational errors, causing the site has been love Shanghai, noble baby down the right after the success of 3 days back to the first page, probably after 28 days. After this incident, I learned a lot of knowledge, very deep feelings, to share my experiences with you again.

, thank you!

of course, I spent less than a month’s time to achieve the ranking process of recovery, "the majority of fans have to thank the Taizhou examination network the majority of users and fine fast CMS, without their attention, it is difficult for me to stick to it, of course, also thank those who reprint fine CMS 1.3 download fast station, they will support, retain the Taizhou examination network address as the fine Xun CMS demo station address. Before the article referred to the Taizhou test network (贵族宝贝 when the weight of complete recovery, come and share the experience this time, now it is not

share, this time can be said to suffer, I always adhere to the everyday update information to a number of well-known websites for posting replies, "establish some high quality the chain Taizhou examination network. 3 weeks before the effect is not very ideal, love the sea search "Taizhou examination network" and "Taizhou exam" is still ranked in the 10 pages later. By the fourth week of Monday, "Jing Xun CMS 1.3 beta release schedule," and to "Taizhou examination network" as a demonstration station, of course CMS 1.3 is fine fast according to the "Taizhou examination network" revision and upgrade, at this time, the college entrance examination scores have senior high school entrance examination, I caught the hot exam information of these, first time to reprint "Taizhou examination network, of course, such information cannot be forwarded directly, because it is the most popular test information, the website will not know how much forwarded this information, if forwarded directly, the search engine is not included, so I was very careful of the pseudo original, a is the title I added a region, we are" Taizhou examination network ", so I’m used to test the information in front with Taizhou, and the year, the test name can also position Do the next adjustment, followed by the content add a profile, removal of key information collected is good, a brief summary in front of the profile is content, before the visitors will see see the contents of key information, and is "description to the search engine, it is one stone. The fourth week of the results is very prominent, traffic increased sharply, to yesterday, at more than 800 IP, more than 3000 PV, of course, is yesterday morning, I fell in love with the sea in search of "Taizhou examination" and "Taizhou examination network, ranking recovery to third, although the revision before the second, there are still certain distance however, with some time ago than it is a qualitative leap. Estimate is Wednesday night, love Shanghai refresh. This Taizhou examination network this time for correcting mistakes, causing traffic to fall into the trough the basic event ended, the future still need to make great efforts, good intentions of Taizhou.