Summary do four share data of Shanghai dragon must monitor

A lot of data

site of the external links is many owners are most concerned about. Effect of external links on our website is the largest, but also the focus of the work station. We usually do not only check the number of external links, but on the last stage of work summary, for example, we usually have to post to do signature, blog, do the sprocket, these effects need to query the data in real time to get external links if there are effects. The chain increase or reduce the number of days after the work has great guiding significance.

included many webmaster every day for the first time will look at the site, in order to have a general understanding of the site. It has two functions, included in the current web site first recorded; second day record, making icon style, in order to make the overall analysis. Because you know the website of the whole collection, it included the general understanding of the rules of the search engine, so according to the number of our website published articles, about the flow rate prediction can be very good.

I want to

included site every day (channel and column)


Shanghai dragon everyone every day, but some are just open the check will be closed, but not recorded. In fact, these data are very interesting, is also very important to develop a good habit to do after the record, long-term analysis can play a very good help, sometimes it is necessary. Today, mainly from four aspects and we talked about, but also the way to extend these basic data, we want to play a role.

tips and tools: don’t pay too much attention to the YAHOO chain, the chain of love Shanghai (related domain) is also a great contribution to the role of the ranking. When the query both want to see, when the chain is the same reason, don’t feel left. No use will not do, in fact, still have a role. Of course, there are a lot of query outside the chain of tools, general webmaster tools are able to meet the demand.

site traffic and visiting URL are two very important. Many webmaster will work from the two aspects of the analysis results, not only is the website, including each channel and column to look at the traffic flow, page URL, analyze what words are search, these words have derived words, these flows are from what came to the site so, you can do the planning and adjustment of the next step.

recommendations and tools for analyzing the time must be fine, for example, to identify the flow off >


second, the website chain quantity trend

tips and tools: for small sites, the entire station record is good, but on a slightly large site, included requires each channel and column, this analysis will be more accurate. As for tools, recommended novice use site syntax is good, does not recommend the use of tools, it will increase the workload, then there will be familiar with, you can use the tool to do sampling queries slowly.

third, observation site traffic and visit URL