Shanghai dragon team to create enterprises maximize conversion

second: network editor

is the core of enterprise network editing station of Shanghai dragon team, after all, to content is king, an enterprise station also need high quality content to retain users. In order to increase the conversion of network editors and what to do.

with the Shanghai Dragon technology more and more transparent, Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel is considered a member of the Shanghai dragon circles not essential, I think this is the wrong idea. Most of the time Shanghai dragon still need technical support, such as the code, change the site layout, are in need of technical staff personally. Technical personnel in enterprises, first of all to learn how to change the years the same template, like the same:

done or operation enterprise station of Shanghai dragon er or webmaster all know, enterprise station is on a website for conversion. If there is a enterprise stand ranking flow, the conversion rate is low is a very sad thing. The author also studied the enterprise station for a period of time, found that most enterprises station do is simply templates, no features, no good conversion rate.

Shanghai dragon construction enterprise

station needs a good team to operate, concrete can be divided into three aspects: technology, editing, outside the chain, the three teams are the pillar enterprises improve the conversion rate of station, are indispensable. Then the author will talk about how to raise the Shanghai dragon team, creating the transforming enterprise station rate maximization.

Technology Department

: the first



second also need to improve the technology sector, is the site layout problem. With the above mentioned template is thought as the enterprise stand is easy to make mistakes as follows: have the order reversed,

this layout is typical with the above mentioned or have the order reversed, as users enter the enterprises need most is to see and understand your product information, if you start to let the company like useless information occupy the user’s vision, will not help the users to buy, nor improve product conversion rate, technical departments should improve the layout of the product and the case on the top priority, allowing users to experience the website of the product quality and characteristics, which is consistent with the user experience.

navigation column why not? The first column too much, will increase the spider crawl, led to some important page weight dispersion, second column is too complicated, the user will be dazzled. Technical departments should make efforts to improve the navigation bar, the author suggests to what what news ah, are deleted or like sales network, video, highlighting the product information, after all enterprises station users very clear purpose: is to understand your products and buy your products. So the navigation bar should be more concise.