The electricity supplier army Shanghai Longfeng er who can occupy a space for one person

actually, I do not say we all know, Shanghai dragon has a certain value in the electricity industry, the electricity industry is various, although Shanghai Longfeng occupied in the electricity supplier share little but a part of Shanghai dragon is indispensable in the electricity industry in Shanghai, because the Dragon Feng directly affects a variety of business website in in the search engine, rely on the site trading market is large, while the Shanghai dragon in this market has a decisive role, as we all know, the search engine has become one of the main channel for people to obtain answers, we have what questions will go to the website "love Shanghai". Because the network in general, the scope of the search engine marketing is constantly expanding, Shanghai dragon occupied market is constantly expanding, for example: at the beginning of 2008, the establishment of the net joint search, and to create a one-stop marketing platform for e-commerce + Shanghai dragon, which laid the status of Shanghai dragon in the search engine, and more emphasis on the existence of the ER value of Shanghai dragon. A large number of facts have proven a truth: the development of Shanghai dragon will promote the development of the business enterprise



domestic data statistics, the ratio of the total share of the domestic market share of the electricity supplier is rising at the beginning of 2013, Ma said the future electricity supplier will not completely replace the retail industry but will replace the hypothesis proposed by Ma! There are a lot of people agree but there are a lot of people do not deny deny deny, no matter, we must admit that the electricity supplier era has already arrived. Because the data is true: the annual business share in the rising, the annual business turnover is also rising. Although the good development prospects of the electricity supplier, but the electricity supplier can not replace the traditional business entity, the entity market is earlier than the electricity supplier for a long time, perhaps the future electricity supplier share is likely to be more than the physical store, but could not replace the traditional store. Well, a supplier can replace the commercial entities and electricity market prospects are not our Shanghai dragon Er, our attention is that the era of electricity providers, Shanghai dragon Er can occupy a space for one person.

on the relationship between dragon and network marketing in Shanghai about the people of China now is how much profit with the wind, how do the electricity supplier market, hit the hot, how can a large number of domestic enterprises to the traditional market share, more and more traditional companies opened a business website, the website is not equal to the waste flow and with the development of search engine marketing, more and more demands on Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel, which is in the business enterprise of Shanghai dragon Er reflects the value, but I once said, Shanghai dragon in the domestic market will be saturated, the domestic electricity supplier website variety, peer electricity supplier website price war also more and more, the outbreak of the price means that the station will have a website, and has a great may exit the electricity supplier website platform, website business platform is full And, Chinese people will open up another electricity supplier, in the search engine marketing before micro-blog marketing, marketing and search engine marketing.