An integral part of site analysis S log analysis

1: splitting the IIS log file analysis


three: how to analyze our site log IIS

first of all, we need to support the site space site download log. For this when we buy site space can be carried out consultation and space business, whether to support this function, if supported, the general log files on the weblog file, we can directly to the local FTP. The IIS log records set, the author thinks that if the general content of the site more complex structures can be set to generate one hour once, while less content words can be set into an updated once a day, so we can avoid the IIS log file is too large to the letter.

We use

1: in the construction of the chain we know on the website of each chain is the search engine spiders into the entrance of our site, visit this situation we can observe the spider on the log, you can from another point of view the chain whether we can better attract spiders, in order to develop a a more reasonable construction of the chain strategy.

FTP to download a local log, you can open the file in Notepad, and search the major search engine spiders name, the love of Shanghai spider named BaiduSpider, Google spider named noble baby bot. As shown in figure

: so from the IIS log analysis we can get information from what

on our site

needs to have certain analysis ability for each optimization, search behavior, analysis of user data analysis of site traffic and so on. Only the reasonable analysis of this data can make us better optimization strategy. The analysis is indispensable in the station analysis of one of our search engine spiders crawl crawling behavior. The search engine spiders is our eyes cannot see, how do we analyze its creep behavior? We can through the analysis of our site log IIS.

two: how to get our site IIS log and IIS log settings

2: space site is one of the many difficult problems, the site open is likely to make our site back to the night before liberation. So for our site is the fastest and most early to understand that question. This can also be through the analysis of the search spider crawling on the log, because the site space in addition to the first reaction what problem is the search engine spiders.

3: we can also log through the analysis of the spider crawling for the content of the page. Love what we understand the search engine more content on the site. We can use these data in the content of the layout or fine-tuning, search engine is more in love with our content.