The original article is not included in how to do it

now has many webmaster said, update the original content a lot, but still did not have the love of spiders in Shanghai included, the reason is many. In the current mainstream web site, some sites need to rely on a large number of the chain and the filler content support, can get good rankings. While some sites even if not to update, but the ranking is still good, why is this? This has certain relation with the weight of love Shanghai given to this website. Sometimes, the webmaster spend money to find the original article writing, the quality is relatively good, but still have not been included, which makes us very upset. This general and several reasons.

second, the site was down the right love Shanghai. If the owners send a lot of junk chain in a certain period of time, or love of spiders in Shanghai continue to cheat Shanghai dragon, it is easy to be right down, the most serious is not included your site article, this kind of problem, the most direct way is to stop down the right to receive love in Shanghai the spider favored by high quality articles.

The second is the quality of

first, the website is a new web site. The content of this site is not love Shanghai spiders included is relatively normal, the solution to this problem is relatively simple, nothing more than the daily update original articles and send the chain and Links, this continues, there will always be the love of Shanghai included.


third test site is likely to be right down the phenomenon. First Shanghai dragon Er to do regular web content transmission frequency and the observation of website content included time. In general, the website ranking is stable, included time is relatively stable. And if the included time delay phenomenon, it is necessary to consider whether there is right down the hidden danger. You can use some Adsense tools to check the last love in Shanghai included the number and weight. Then you can check whether Links is right down the situation. If you do not have what problem, then we should pay more attention to the quality of your website article, original article keywords reduce stack content.

first is wide of the mark. For example, you do is a medical marketing website, but in your website, in addition to other keywords is medical marketing, are some of the contents of electronic products, the contents of this course is not easy to love Shanghai spiders crawl.

again is to reduce the use of sensitive characters on the internet. >

is not reasonable. It will be the choice of high-quality original articles to write a keyword. With the capture technology is more and more high spider love Shanghai, increasingly high requirements for the original article, poor quality, a large number of similar content of the article is difficult to be collected. There are also certain requirements for the space of the article, some collection of short articles is very difficult in general, are included, to request the original articles in words about a thousand words better, at least five hundred words.

then what the love of spiders in Shanghai is not easy to be included in the article