Learning is to learn Shanghai Longfeng summary and innovation in practice

3. upgrade language organizational ability

website architecture,

1. requires at least read page code (HTML JS CSS)

5. psychology and behavior science>

4. data analysis and observation ability of

will be better!2. familiar with server etc.

a lot of people will say, learning Shanghai dragon very easy, just on which learning website there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng learning materials, but the fact is, most of these materials are some outdated experience or very basic optimization methods, you can say: 95% Shanghai dragon learning materials and knowledge can be found online, but can really do indeed tend to Shanghai dragon in the 5%, the 5% is how to do, is to rely on your continuous accumulation and innovation, let’s look at what needs to grasp the knowledge.


we all know that the search included in the web page information is obtained through the spider crawling web page source code, we need to know how to look at the source code and how to change the source code, can let the spider crawling smoothly the entire page, and give the spider you want it to get information, we can’t change the search all, we can only change ", familiar with writing HTML code in web pages, and master the W3C standards, is the need to master the basic knowledge of. Of course, if there is a web based programming

many of my friends are using a direct BBS or CMS system to set up the site, although they have been very strong, but you still have to understand its architecture, or you how to modify the website, involving many aspects, including the domain name, space (server), website design, web page function, program development. Database development and so on, although you do not need to master each, it is unlikely, but at least to understand, to learn.

we say that Shanghai is the most original, the most important content in the optimization of dragon and Phoenix, then the original come from? Of course, a lot of people will say, use the software to make the original article, but you will find that the article did not show, you cannot read, the original must be out from your pen not only that, the description of the website, keywords, content need to have good writing skills, can do the best, such as page content (Content Mapping), will strengthen the website content and the corresponding keywords do the most appropriate fusion is a very important step, then the "fusion" of the most appropriate and language skills is inseparable.

Shanghai dragon is not you as a Guideline finish on the right, the constant analysis and observation is absolutely necessary. For example, the keyword for tracking lock growth, analysis of keyword ranking problems and solve difficulties, understand the key characteristics and ranking of search engines every update, these are the daily work of Shanghai dragon. Do you have