Share 5 Shanghai dragon trick to enhance the mobile application ranking

#1: trick highlights your brand

IT China guest /2012 reported in February 9th 2012 will be the year of the outbreak of the mobile Internet, the mobile application is becoming more and more popular, people have been accustomed to download and install applications from the App store and Android Market. Although App Store and Android Market on a popular application list, but the pages of these applications and directory still exists in the form of web pages. The search engine will continue to these applications web indexing and ranking, so that when a user needs to find some applications in the search engine can provide useful information. According to our analysis of the iOS mobile application shows that the higher ranked search results in the noble baby get higher ranking to improve application in App Store’s popularity has great contact. The higher nobility baby will give application visibility more downloads, more downloads will make your application more popular in App Store.

#2: tips on your website home page to add a hyperlink to your application’s

#3: tips to include your brand name

you can consider your application to create a specialized introduction page in your website, inside contains features screenshots, evaluation, etc.. But the best from the most important pages of your website (such as home) plus a super links to this page. Figure

in the application name


reference in the App Store to download a web page hyperlink textWhen

application name is to link anchor text in the form of App Store and Android Market. From the 2 world class website to your brand name as hypertext anti chain, PR weight transfer is of high quality. Don’t forget your name again mentioned in column URL download page. Refer to the diagram given in Groupon, Amazon and eBay.


here China IT customer share 5 mobile application tips Shanghai dragon to help you increase your application search results in a sort of noble baby.

App Store in many brands to link the download page contains no brand name, such as merely "download" from iPhone App, which lost a good opportunity for promotion of the brand. Chinese IT guest share a more informed Shanghai Longfeng methods: should be in the anchor text with your brand (such as "from the iPhone app to download the mobile version of WAL-MART" or "from Android Market>