Ali PO dark rising price of mainland institutions hit a new information management plan

gold securities reporter Hu Chunchun

Alibaba NYSE IPO is like a stimulant, so funds, brokerage mad, want to get together and have set up a Alibaba playing the new special products. However, China has just started selling the fund shortly after the Alibaba hit a new information management project in July 10th to raise a sudden pause.

"securities" reporter from a reliable investment bank was informed that with the timing of the impending IPO Ali, the price has been rising, which makes hope "free rider" mainland institutions complain incessantly.

two days selling light

securities reporter got the information shows that in June of this year, the Chinese fund that is sent to the customer to invest in Ali shares as the theme of overseas oriented asset management plan investment proposal". Subsequently, Huaxia Fund as well as its sales side to accept customer appointments.

investors eager to participate in the enthusiasm of the mainland, so that the sale of information management products hot abnormal. July 9th, Huaxia Fund consignment from the news side, the information management products 3 million subscription ended two days of classes was subscribed, and the large investor inquiries, reservations at the growing number of. According to the information disclosed in the product specification, its subscription threshold of 1 million yuan, the subscription amount of less than 3 million for the following 200. Plans to issue a total of not less than 30 million yuan, the total size of the project is $150 million.

the same day, Huaxia Fund consignment side has also expressed optimism that the current sales situation, do not need to wait until next week to complete the sales task. Securities reporter learned that, in accordance with the terms of the consignment and Huaxia Fund Agreement, the sales deadline is July 15th.

suddenly suspended

on the afternoon of July 10th, the market suddenly came to China to play the new fund fund information management project to raise funds to suspend the news.

night, the securities reporter confirmed the news from Huaxia fund. The company’s response to the fund’s staff is, this product temporarily unable to buy". For other questions, it said "no other notice from the company".

in addition to the Huaxia Fund, plans to launch a new information management project to fight Ali institutions include Harvest Fund, Boshi fund, CCB fund, China Merchants Fund, Guoxin Securities etc.. "Securities" reporter learned from some investors, although the above-mentioned institutions are not out of the product, but has already done enough publicity for investors.

Huaxia Fund to suspend the event to raise, apparently let other institutions have shaken. The "securities" 10 reporters asked to call the progress of Ali hit a new information management project, the relevant agencies have not given a specific launch date and subscription conditions.

market price increase of

in fact, the domestic institutions launched Alibaba hit a new information management project, had the biggest question is, these institutions to subscribe for shares of the Alibaba through what channels? It really can subscribe to, or just the new Alibaba as "overseas set >