Double eleven aspect Tmall stays business polarization


from the 2013 double eleven and three days, after nearly six months of gestation, and now the atmosphere has become, only a few days after the carnival. Compared to previous years, this year’s double eleven what are you interested in?

Bao three Chong five no suspense

Ali Fangchuhualai early this year, double the eleven goal is to "protect three red five, namely security at the end of 30 billion, sprint 50 billion. Last year, 19 billion 100 million of the results, according to Ali, who said that taking into account the logistics and service capacity, and did not continue to impact the results, the performance of a reservation is only 19 billion 100 million.

this year, Ali has done more adequate preparation. In addition to online Ali station, has eleven double advertising search, portals, video sites; line bus, subway, TV is also full of advertising; the play, to help out in Taobao, micro-blog, wireless micro Amoy, is the new O2O gameplay, and channels into an unprecedented efforts.

business side, the major businesses are actively stocking, most of the targets are doubled, at least 30 large businesses this year, the goal is to break the dual eleven. Last year, there are 3 broken million shops, this year will reach 10 or more, but also will break 200 million single store shop. So, Paul three Chong five goal for Tmall, it is not difficult.

Who will win the new overlord

last year, double eleven store break million has three stores, foreign menswear brand JACK&JONES to 127 million win. Who will be the new sales champion this year? Dress or home textile? Traditional brand or Amoy brand?

from nearly half a year to each category Tmall shop sales performance and double eleven for this year’s overall situation, will not have too big change. JACK&JONES, camel, all friends, Carolina, Haier, Liebo other last year the top ten businesses this year or will break billion, the new champion no accident, will also be generated from this batch of shops.

, of course, the industry also has a different voice, from November 7th to see a person in the industry on the prediction of micro-blog: this year’s eleven largest champion millet opportunity. The reason is: the top ten businesses last year stock in three hundred million or four hundred million, more than three hundred million or four hundred million sales this year, millet has 110 thousand sets of 3 models of mobile phone in eleven, if these sold will reach more than 500 million.

millet, as the absolute king of the domestic mobile phone brand, every new release, it will cause a shortage, looted situation. So that the feeling is: no matter how much millet products, as long as there is supply, the market will be able to digest. The above sales forecast may also be based on this logic to calculate.

but since joining Tmall double eleven, on this platform to analyze the possibility of millet win. Double eleven Tmall is racing venue scheduling mechanism, namely, more and more click send coupons and more shops will be added to the shopping cart in the front row, the millet shop is neither in the main venue is not in the venue, and the nearly >