Double price war 11 deposit tricky part of the promotional merchandise only 1 yuan cheaper

warm-up after more than a month, double eleven electricity supplier price war staged yesterday. In the number of "double eleven" price war electricity supplier is numerous, in addition to Tmall mall, Jingdong,, Gome online mall, shop No. 1, China Amazon, easy fast network, also have joined, desperately crying for "double eleven" price war.

however, the consumer Internet yesterday after panic buying, there are still tricky in the price war. I intend to buy a memory in the mall Jingdong, when the product is 111 yuan purchase, when it becomes a single $139." Yesterday, Mr. Lee found a number of consumer electricity supplier first price promotions. Coincidentally, Mr. Wang also encountered a similar situation of consumers. "Double eleven" before he saw a 47 inch TV in, and recorded the time of the price: 4499 yuan, did not expect yesterday when he was ready to find a single payment price change, "rose for 500 yuan, 4999 yuan has become." So let him dahushangdang promotion.

reporter also chose a number of products, followed by the discovery of its price, some of the goods in the double eleven before and after the price adjustment. In a DELL notebook computer as an example, on the Amazon website, yesterday’s price is even higher than the day before yesterday, the product on the evening of 10 8 when the price is 4666 yuan, to the last zero price to 4797 yuan, 7 times 4733 yuan yesterday afternoon. Another CASIO camera, Jingdong mall, the evening of 8, when the price was quoted at $5499, to zero on the day of 11 to $6999, an increase of $1500 yesterday noon and returned to 5499 yuan.

in addition to price changes at random, consumers also found a number of electricity providers in the promotion, the obvious thunder little rain, the actual discount is not large, and some goods only 1 yuan cheaper.

yesterday, the reporter found from the Jingdong, Amazon and Suning the three big business platform, notebook, tablet computer, home appliance products of this type of previous key promotional products, this round of price war offers very little. With a Lenovo notebook as an example, in November 10th the three electricity supplier price is 6999 yuan, while in the Amazon mall yesterday except price 50 yuan, Jingdong and offer is 6999 yuan.

consumers in the Amazon mall fancy a Nikon camera, 11 days at zero price of $13358, at noon yesterday, the offer was $13356, I waited so long, actually only a cheap $2." The price cut on the site is only a single digit, but also on a Lenovo phone. The phone is quoted on the 10 day of $2299, only $1 less in yesterday’s promotions.

in the "double eleven" electricity supplier war, in addition to Tmall part of the shop direct sale for half price, other electricity providers basically choose full cash gift vouchers promotions. For example, some proprietary products over 99 yuan to send 1010 yuan coupons activities of Jingdong, one of the activities of the Amazon’s book is full of 300 yuan 100 yuan, Suning.