Taobao Tmall big sellers of small sellers joint attack analysis of antecedents and consequences


from December 3rd onwards, Taobao thousands of small sellers gathered in QT speech room groups attack the sellers, including starry, UNIQLO, Luxuries delivery and a number of well-known Tmall big sellers attack, selling items malicious take, shops train advertising attacks, the latest progress of the event is said to be the highest event the leader has just been taken away by the police. This is followed by a small group of sellers in 2011 after the outbreak of the siege of Taobao in the event of large-scale attacks again in October.

let the veteran matador come first to comb the incident antecedents and consequences.

December 3rd, Taobao launched a large-scale strict rectification of false trading action". Began to delete a large number of Taobao store baby, perform a penalty of two, while the seller does not make a commitment to lead the complaint. The action resulted in the sale of some small sellers of innocent baby a lot of guns have been deleted, which has become the fuse of the 12 siege incident.

December 3rd, angry small sellers jointly launched the "network alliance" entrepreneurs to create multiple QT voice room, and quickly gathered 3000 small sellers. In addition to the QT lab, also created 16 QQ group of support. Their initial main demand is to restore deleted baby, special action to stop the rectification of false transactions.

December 4-5, the number of QT voice room exceeded more than 4 thousand people. Small sellers group began to attack Tmall sellers, starry, UNIQLO and many other famous Tmall big sellers attack, selling items malicious take train attack ads, shops.

December 6th, Ma Yun from the point of view of expression: hype credit, fake and intellectual property infringement is our bottom line, who is also useless. The determination and action to fight this kind of dishonest behavior will not retreat."

December 6th, micro-blog released the official "clear haze let the market speculation letter" and "blue sky reproduce the false trading appeals process optimization notice" statement of the appeals process was optimized, and the extension of the term of appeal.

on the evening of December 7th, a micro-blog came forward to continue to call the collection of small sellers, just a few hours there are more than 1 thousand forward. QT voice room break 5000 people.


December 8th, small sellers formally proposed eight demands.

1: the recovery of all mistaken for false trading treasure, and restore the weight, releasing misjudgment of the C shop

2: Tmall Taobao

requested a thorough investigation of false trading, to achieve fair and reasonable

3: BC shop requires the separation of Tmall to terminate the Taobao C store traffic

4: businesses all irregularities, Taobao must first proof, and then punish!

5: Taobao changes must be approved by the Taobao sellers Association