Where the customer is expected to old mobile sales will exceed 1 billion this year

May 10th afternoon news, 2012 global mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing today, VANCL aged CEO revealed that this year where the customer’s mobile phone business grew more than 4 times last year, this year is expected to scale to more than 1 billion yuan.

According to the old

said, where the mobile phone business growth this year is very fast, the current can reach tens of thousands of every single day, mean income is about 3000000 yuan, according to the figures, "this is certainly a 1 billion magnitude business".

is where the mobile phone business sales, total sales accounted for more than 10% customers, although mobile phone team hope to total sales accounted for more than 30% next year, but said the old can’t believe him to have 10% is a good number.

said the old customers at the same time, the mobile phone business has been open platform, already has more than and 50 mobile phone customer team and to achieve cooperation, including cooperation with APP, embedded advertising links in a variety of ways, and developers into. If this year’s mobile phone business can do 1 billion yuan, the amount will be divided into more than $100 million." (Cui Xi)