Beauty micro business cheated 300 thousand order box was returned 78 boxes

, a beauty micro business on the purchase of WeChat was 300 thousand yuan fraud, yesterday, the news spread in the city a number of grassroots public WeChat. Push content, claiming to be 300 thousand yuan fraud Pingyang Wei Wei money will each other identity information, contact information were announced. However, according to the Pingyang police confirmed to reporters that the situation is that the seller has actually issued a commodity, and there is not enough evidence to prove the existence of fraud. The two sides by the product quality disputes, the buyers request return rejected. Pingyang police have been involved in the investigation, has not yet filed.

WeChat push: Beauty micro merchants purchase cheated

April 3rd night at 9:46, known as "love meatballs meatballs mummy" the netizen released a message in the Sina micro-blog: "this is not an April Fool’s joke, we are cheated about 300000, I do not know that a few people are (a) to what the heart (LI) to deceive us, hope the 94 years of the little girl out of their own surrender, all the trouble to look forward……"


of this text with a group of photos, write a little girl who was born in 1994, the identity information that the users in the mouth, including its name, identity card number, domicile and her mobile phone number. The user then repeated on its micro-blog released such information.

According to Sina

and micro-blog account for "uncle said, Longgang news" the netizen then will this information private letter to account managers. Yesterday, the Longgang uncle news in the WeChat public number will be described in this information to the user, to a beauty micro business WeChat on the purchase of fraud 300 thousand yuan, as the title of the day’s headlines push.

soon, the WeChat push content, has been reported in Wenzhou, Cangnan, Wenzhou micro convenience net, Cangnan grassroots news, etc. the city’s "WeChat public No. reprint, caused by the line of attention.

94 years girl: goods have been issued on time

Is it true that WeChat

content say? The reporter then called the WeChat wrote in a "94 year girl" Miss Fan’s phone, not like "love meatballs meatballs mommy" the net friend said phone can not get through, the other soon picked up.

Miss Fan said he was in Jilin, WeChat has done more than six months on the mask wholesale. She is not a manufacturer, but also to get goods with others, she has no physical store, and never seen the goods, just as the middle of the ring, the mask will go out to earn the difference.

online crazy pass on their alleged fraud, Miss Fan was very surprised. She said he received the other party’s money, has been in accordance with the pre agreed time will be issued 78 boxes of mask, there is no case of fraud of $about 300000.

Miss Fan speculated that the reason why the other side suffered fraud, may feel that the quality of goods can not meet the requirements of the other, want to return. But her goods also got from home to home, she made a return to "