What is the role of online banking in E commerce


with the development of the Internet, e-commerce accounted for in people’s lives more and more heavy, and in e-commerce, both parties need to find a reliable credit intermediary to complete the payment transaction process, both sides have to look into the nature of commercial banks. As a commercial bank involved in the field of electronic commerce, in addition to the needs of both sides of the transaction, the more important reason is that commercial banks have seen the huge commercial profits in e-commerce activities. Therefore, the bank network is an inevitable trend, the emergence of Internet banking will also change the business, the traditional mode of operation of commercial banks. Internet banking will become the most powerful supplier of electricity supplier era. So the use of online banking, banking and the majority of users, what kind of change?

(1), reduce the cost of banks and consumers, improve the quality of service

according to statistics, there are 87.5% of American families, 73.2% of Japanese households use electronic banking, enjoy the convenience of electronic banking services. Banks to provide services to customers on the Internet, the use of paperless, no operator of the office, making the bank’s operating costs substantially reduced, thus prompting banks to improve their quality of service.

(two), fast way to pay, to stimulate online consumption

the emergence of online banking, so that the majority of consumers choose to stay at home, a computer, go all over the shop, choose their favorite products. After the election, the customer can choose to pay through the network bank client. After the quick and convenient payment, send the package to the customer under the notification. Most of the Internet era are lazy to choose this convenient way of shopping. Fast worry. Just a little bit, the other, by the network to help us get. Moving hands, stay in a warm room, listening to the song, in the major shopping malls, looking for their favorite things, so enjoy, is not because of the development of online banking and let us be more happy?

(three), security is not a problem, the background to protect online banking

many people are worried about online shopping or the use of electronic banking is not safe, easy to steal, resulting in the loss of property. However, such fears are not unreasonable. After all, is a virtual currency, once who mastered my online banking, it does not mean that he can use my electronic account?. Online banking has a personal certification, as well as your own user password settings. You may need to use a password to enter several successful payment, or you need input Yindun random password carry. Security is guaranteed. In addition, the major banks are now and the major communications business hall signed an agreement. We can open SMS alert service. So, if we have any wind sways grass network bank we can know, for the first time, once again improving security.

(four), cross what pressure? There are super online banking !