China Hangzhou cross border electricity supplier comprehensive test area exactly how

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"Premier package" Whispering Hangzhou, Hangzhou on what


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in Washington last month, Hangzhou sign from a premier Li Keqiang "package", the State Council approved the establishment of China (Hangzhou) Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "cross-border Comprehensive Experimental Zone").

this is the only cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area, but also the State Council approved the implementation of the first national strategy in Hangzhou.

cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area is what, in the end is how to come?

why it can flower in Hangzhou? What will bring opportunities and challenges for Hangzhou, is of strategic significance to


next, Hangzhou cross-border electricity supplier will try to do what?……

recently, the Municipal Standing Committee, Hangzhou city Chinese (Hangzhou) deputy head of cross-border electronic commerce construction of Comprehensive Experimental Zone leading group Tong Guili, Hangzhou entrepreneurs to have a lesson, is the story of these problems.

wasn’t there? It doesn’t matter, express political deep reading group today for your interpretation of the cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive experimental zone and Hangzhou spree sequence of events, "lucky hit" behind the effort.

cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area is what?

simply said, is the three innovation, the three of the

through the system innovation, management innovation, service innovation to achieve cross-border e-commerce liberalization, facilitation, standardized development.

cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area mainly to solve

System of deep-seated contradictions and problems of cross-border e-commerce development in the

industry chain, to build a complete ecological chain, and gradually formed a set of adapting to and leading cross-border e-commerce development in the global management system and rules, providing complex system, promotion experience to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce.

comprehensive test area of cross-border electricity supplier creation, can be said with the same strain of cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot in the construction process of more than two years of hangzhou. Service pilot time is not long, but the effectiveness of Hangzhou, the results in the forefront of the country, to achieve the 4 most –

1 business type covers the most complete

cross-border e-commerce has B2B, B2C, C2C, B2B2C and other trading patterns. Hangzhou cross trade pilot is currently the main test B2C (business to customers, that is, commercial retail), there are 4 main models –

general export. Generally, the packet is exported through the international parcel, express orders to the exit, then the product export.

bonded export. To export to the bonded warehouse, the first overall tax rebate, and partial shipment.

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