Hao123 push buy platform and buy navigation and merchandise promotions

June 13th news, this afternoon, Baidu’s home page of the Hao123 announced yesterday that its buy page (http://s.www.hao123.com/tuangou.htm) has been a new on-line.

Tencent login Hao123 buy the page, found that the page has both buy site navigation guide and buy goods directly buy two functions. But at present the domestic group purchase website has been as high as three hundred or four hundred, but the group purchase navigation Hao123 currently only contains 20; and the direct purchase of goods sector, only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three, a total of 12 items available.

in addition, before the deadline, no entrance page in the 123 group purchase home page. Only in the bottom of the shopping section set up a few buy site, and the new on-line to buy some of the pictures can not be displayed.

Hao123 official said, according to Baidu’s monitoring, every day Internet users search buy related keywords are increasing, which Baidu launched HAO123 buy the original intention of the page. At present, just try to push the stage, the function remains to be improved.

it is understood that, in order to attract more companies to join the Hao123 group purchase group purchase service platform, on-line Hao123 online shopping page at the same time, launched a group purchase website and partner API (Application Programming Interface) solicitation. Buy site as long as the corresponding Hao123 according to the needs of the API, which can buy goods in the first time in the Group buy page today buy section.

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