Love distribution supply management system to help small and medium business operators to achieve th

with the rapid development of Internet technology, the small business operators are increasingly concerned about the popularity of e-commerce. Although the emergence of a variety of online shops, but the price war between stores and shops inevitable. Although the price advantage is the benefit of consumers, but the sales service is uneven in quality greatly hurt consumers in e-commerce, and small sellers because of the price war and disappeared in the Red Sea in electronic commerce…….

small broke open shop: there have been 5 years of experience in Ms. He said, now more and more difficult to open shop, ready money to go a lot of places, looking for a good supply of goods, but also have a lot of preparation, rather spend time and money managers, delivery channels and delivery channels have advantage. With the improvement of consumer tastes, after the sale of this need to spend a lot of energy, after all, consumers are the only way to determine whether the shop can continue to exist only standard. Miss he said: over the past 5 years, due to lack of experience, a lot of difficulties, but these difficulties have plagued her, restricted the shop space to grow, due to limited manpower, small shop can not do it, do not……. Then one day, miss he went to the hospital to visit a friend in hospital, while staying in the hospital, but he still miss the good friend shop operation is good, does not seem to be affected by the good friend, miss he understanding to grow their business, to find a better platform to help us grow……. Since then, miss he told her the good friend, to easily enjoy the fun when the boss, do not have to worry about their own shop supply problem, do not worry about the price war, not to worry about the problem of customer service service, because she applied for a supply management system of distribution qualification.

miss he said: this supply management system can achieve advantages of zero initial fee, zero agency fees, zero service fee, a generation of fat, lightning delivery. This makes her shop business profit growth ladder, sell more, earn more, and is a unified price, no price war troubles. Love distribution also provides one to one dedicated customer service to quickly solve any problems removed her pre – sale concerns. Miss he said, most attracted her love or distribution can do product shelves in direct distribution shop background of their own, save a lot of time and money to recruit small customer service.

Xiao Bian learned by the well-known e-commerce enterprises "AIARA science and technology management [Shenzhen city] AIARA together with the supply management system (hereinafter referred to as" love distribution ") has been officially listed in 2013. Main clothing, bags, accessories, etc.. It seems that HOLD want to live their own business network, was looking for a good supply…….

afterwards, Xiao Bian contacted the love distribution (http// website, the site responsible person said: we focus on providing quality, stable supply management. We hope these from a supplier of carefully selected products will help distributors business dream, fame and fortune, value, and happiness. We admit that we are not the most