The successful tool of e commerce operation

first description: I am not operating e-commerce success in the field of electronic commerce, I later told superiors, just to achieve the ideal, while walking in the thorns bumpy sunshine avenue.

whether it is our operations to explore B2B for 5 years, or turn touch B2C for 3 years, I was on the afternoon of January 2, 2010, make a summary.

why bamboo tall and standing high it? Just from each to a certain height, will make a knot, then go, move on.

people are the same.

from the traditional wholesale mobile phone business I did for 10 years, can not be said to be successful, can only be said to be able to survive, thinking about development, it should be more difficult, there is no standard size. But in this industry, there is no barrier, as long as you dare to do, you can survive. Think of a line in the drama: love him, send him to New York; hate him, send him to New York! Change: love him, let him do business, hate him, let him do the electricity supplier


said the weapon is not instant success, but to have that kind of attitude of doing business.

actually, I run from B2B website, is to want to finally form to fish, and no content, is a failure, we’re constantly in the summary, is not neutral.

from B2C, our first machine is the same, but the key lies in our loneliness, from the user experience to start, until now, but the user has accumulated more and more experience is getting better, sell mobile phone is more and more.

, that is mean.

is not a gentleman, but a husband.

interpretation: to perform a middle course, it is not a gentleman, can maintain and implement it, was a real man, man.

but really let me out, it is a bit zhikeyihui and drive a duck onto a perch, but can only be sensed is, it is to say.