2016 business new ways Honey bud’s first business awards did you learn

2016 year, you chop hands? The smoke of the battlefield 2015 maternal electricity supplier is still not fully dispersed, each of the 2016 special offer trend can be expected to happen. In addition to the traditional price war to attract price sensitive female groups, maternal and child electricity providers are trying to use a more stylish, more international way to arouse public attention.

is the largest cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud held the first "Honey bud Fashion Award" in July 2015, and released the "Honey bud baby Awards List", so that mothers found child rearing and charming fashion circle intersection. As the country’s first fully produced by mother consumer user behavior list, "Honey bud baby Awards List" is known as "maternal and child supplies industry COSME awards". At that night, Wang Han, Aya, Li Chen award, Christy Chung, Annie Yi, Huo Siyan, Du Jiang and other star couple parents and honey bud users personally for the award-winning brand; COSME and President Yoshida Naoshi attended the awards and honey bud CEO Liu Nan together for the award-winning brand, praised the list provides a professional and stylish consumer guide for Chinese mom, fill the blank in the field of child.

it is reported that the list included baby honey bud awards more than 1 thousand for 18 months by the brand, consumer behavior data accumulation, resulting in 45 winning a single product. The list covers feeding, cleaning, skin care, clothing, toys, travel equipment, such as maternal and child Home Furnishing the whole category, almost the moment the most popular China mother favorite brands, such as: younijia Baode, Medela, aptamil, Kraal, Chinese reflects the real consumer preferences and the mother group preference.


honey bud fashion award a China festival held business list published first in the maternal industry and entertainment headlines are set off a frenzy of parenting, limelight without the two. The second half of 2015, this model attracted other maternal electricity providers to emulate. In October, up 2015 China babe network to follow the trend of maternal maternal China summit, annual awards ceremony held as the finale of the link, many domestic brand mother award. December, the baby tree also hosted the 2015 Golden Tree awards ceremony, the mother and baby industry has contributed to the considerable contribution of enterprises, institutions, stars and mother user awards. At the end of the little red book in the "2015 Little Red Book Global awards" announced the list, named beauty makeup, skin care, Home Furnishing, fashion, care, snacks, health products and other awards.

honey bud obviously to the successor to follow the chest. It is reported that the list of award-winning products have been sold in honey bud platform, within a week of the list of single product sales have been millions of orders. Honey bud CEO Liu Nan said, honey bud users are mainly concentrated in a second tier city, user behavior in the electricity supplier and the business community has great value in the analysis, the significance of this list, not only in the qualifying honey bud platform 1000 brands, more is to provide users especially beginners reference for parents. In this way, it is not difficult to understand why so many