China’s ten years of economic business leaders to see China

CCTV China economic person of the year "ten years of business leaders" and "2009CCTV China economic person of the year" in December 23rd and later announced, Ma Huateng, Liu Chuanzhi and Zhang Ruimin etc. has been selected as "ten years of economic China business leaders, Li Shufu, Xu Liuping and Yu Minhong ten people elected 2009CCTV annual economic figures China".

2009CCTV China’s annual economic figures were officially launched in November 5, 2009, this year’s selection criteria is creativity, driving force, vision, responsibility. After by economists, business elite, business experts and authoritative foreign financial media editor composed of hundreds of jury selection, and to determine the 2009 China economic person of the year 18 candidates list.

this year’s selection of "ten year business leaders" and "2009CCTV China’s economic figures of the year" in the presence of IT celebrities in the world of 5. Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Huateng, Ma three is "ten years of business leaders, Sina CEO and President Cao Guowei and the Neusoft Group Chairman and President Liu Jiren was elected as" China economic figures "annual 2009CCTV, almost 1/3 to almost ten years of development in the Chinese IT celebrity is apparent, the Internet is also a great development Chinese potential.

five celebrities, Liu Chuanzhi belongs to the hardware provider in IT, with the development of homegrown brands Lenovo, China’s first electronic brand, naturally deserved. While the remaining four are the Internet industry, and represents a different direction of development. Let us to comment on.

Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors of the Tencent group, chief executive officer, he is open, pragmatic, keen, focused, the spirit of the judges and users unanimously recognized. And it is on the QQ has been regarded as a copy of the instant messaging software and growing, now involves almost all aspects of online entertainment, has been an essential tool for young people today. QQ currently employs about 100 million people per day. Tencent has also developed into China’s market value of the first, the first income, profit first integrated Internet Co, Global Internet Company’s market capitalization is also ranked third. Its strategic layout of the Internet business model to enhance the company’s global financial crisis in the anti risk, access to capital markets sought after. Tencent is the primary stage of the development of the Internet, to entertainment based, I believe Tencent will be entertainment in the end.

Liu Jiren, chairman and CEO of Neusoft group. Neusoft group China as the oldest, is currently the most advanced IT solutions and services provider, its software technology as the core, through the combination of software and services, combined with the software and manufacturing industry, with the combination of technology and management capabilities, and related products and services providing industry solutions and product engineering solutions. Industry solutions include: telecommunications, electricity, finance, government (social security, finance, taxation, public safety, homeland)