mage sharing service WeHeartt monthly page views over 600 million times


WeHeartIt founder Fabio · Gio Litto (Tencent technology plan)


Pinterest and WeHeartIt independent access to the user growth (Tencent technology plan)


Pinterest and WeHeartIt pageviews growth (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Chao Hui) September 6th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, last fall, investors in the social photo sharing site Pinterest invested millions of dollars, in addition to a photo sharing website WeHeartIt Brazil is quietly growing rapidly.

last July, WeHeartIt is 5 times the size of Pinterest. WeHeartIt independent access to 7 million 700 thousand users, page views for; Pinterest at the time of these two data were 1 million 500 thousand and 91 million, respectively.

but the growth rate of Pinterest is much faster than WeHeartIt, which is why people have not heard of WeHeartIt, Pinterest is currently worth $1 billion 500 million reasons. WeHeartIt growth has been slow. Currently Pinterest is about 3 times the size of WeHeartIt. July Pinterest independent access to 34 million 500 thousand users, page views more than 2 billion times, WeHeartIt independent access to the user is 12 million 900 thousand, page views for the 618 million.

these data indicate that WeHeartIt is still a large web site, which is one of the reasons Vc firm optimistic about it. Pinterest hot, a lot of money, the design is also very beautiful. For these reasons, its valuation is far beyond the scope of most investors can afford.

last year tried to invest in WeHeartIt, but ultimately did not reach an investor, said WeHeartIt founder Fabio · (Fabio) (Giolito) is not very interested in external investment. Gio Litto has a small team to CPM (thousand impressions cost) $3 -4 dollars to sell advertising. The monthly page views up to 618 million times, even if only in a few pages of advertising content, WeHeartIt can also be easily fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

but Gio Litto may end up financing from outside. A source through