Carrefour outlet n fact it is more like a discount concentration area

Carrefour set up the store’s purpose is to let the store discount promotions into the norm, but it will be able to attract more consumers it?


source: Vision China

tried in the convenience store format, 24 hours after the store, Carrefour began to try new formats.

January 3rd, Carrefour opened an outlet store shop in Chengdu Guanghua shop. This shop area of about 800 square meters, the shelves around the bright yellow and blue color sign is "30 percent off", "50 percent off", "60 percent off" and other promotional discount information, independent register table. These discounts the goods covered by several categories of household electrical appliances, daily necessities, personal care cosmetics, textiles and clothing, there are about more than 3 thousand items, each from Chengdu Carrefour stores.


discount signs to the customer visual impact.

pictures from the scene point of view, these products include refrigerators, small appliances, shampoo and a variety of clothing and accessories, from the price point of view, PHILPS electric pressure cooker (type HD2103) price 449 yuan, the current price of 40 percent off 269 yuan after the Jingdong, on the same model for the price of 369 yuan. Full automatic washing machine TCL and Haier are marked as 40 percent off of the original price, the TCL washing machine price 2832 yuan, 1699 yuan price, because the washing machine is not with the same specification on the network, no parity.

Sales of

according to the background provided by the Carrefour 1 yuan of money, a towel discounts shelves because of price concessions repeatedly robbed empty, small appliances are most customers into the shopping cart.


a customer who bought a large number of small household electrical appliances.

Oteri J is the Chinese translation of English OUTLETS. The English is intended to "export, outlet, outlet", refers to the sales of brand-name season, off the shelf, breaking yards commodity composition of the store shopping center in the retail business school, also known as the "brand direct shopping center".

with the previous Oteri J do brand name refers to shoes bags products and other goods, Carrefour outlets discount is the daily necessities.


ad hoc regional discount outlets discount stores, better than conventional promotional area in the store. Carrefour told the news of the interface, the purpose of the establishment of this store, so that the discount store into normal. The difference with the conventional promotional activities in store: Carrefour outlets store is far greater than the size of daily store promotion display area; the store discounts are cyclical, and outlets in the store is the norm of the special offer. In addition, special merchandise is displayed in accordance with the discount rate, visual effect is obvious. The future does not rule out the establishment of similar formats in other regions, but there is no such aspect >