B2B vertical portal a bright future

industry vertical B2B website rise very fast in the past by the portal monopolized situation will be broken, the entire Internet by highly centralized control to centralized distribution control. In the field of B2B, with the growing demand for enterprise segments, the industry is different, the traditional integrated B2B portal has been unable to meet the needs of users, B2B will develop in depth. Professional B2B vertical flat Taiwan usher in development opportunities, such as my steel net net net Chinese universal plasticizing clothing has gained rapid development, vertical professional B2B platform will become the future Chinese B2B market after power, there is a huge space for development. Vertical subdivision will become the trend of the future development of the entire B2B, integrated class B2B should step into the vertical industry segments.

B2B B2B, compared with the industry investors, grassroots webmaster more, most of the lack of funds, personnel and operation experience, resulting in industry segments B2B investor website failure probability is very big, how effective vertical portal operators to promote the development direction and prospects? How is it? What is the way of profit A5? B2B website stationmaster net training (QQ8561289) from the three aspects as the webmaster answer. Firstly, how to effectively promote

vertical portals, small vertical portal SEO can not give up, when you do not feel that when SEO website there is much room for improvement in traffic and revenue, this time should focus on brand building work on the site. Vertical portal has a great advantage. For example, the entire site is the same type of information on the SEO is an optimization, as well as today’s Internet users are the need for targeted services, which is a powerful advantage of vertical portals. Vertical portal is the most unique in the "professional" on the word, not only information professionals, but also more professional services, more effective, users prefer. But in the development process, often there will be such a situation: the website to keep the user, the user loyalty is low, when there is a certain flow, income is not proportional to the site’s brand awareness is not very good promotion.

think about it, your site can solve the user’s needs? What do you want to do?. Take pig network as a case, a typical vertical portal, the main key words in the first Baidu. But the site’s IP can only be basically around 50 thousand, it is difficult to get a breakthrough, and now focus on brand building and user paste effort. The user of a website posted strong, with the user’s deep paste, brand awareness will be quickly improved, the value of the site doubled. The brand is more valuable than IP, but the brand needs to support IP. Pig network promotion to the online and offline, online, by the early SEM, and our targeted advertising etc., the line is to use the business telephone, participate in some industry exhibition, conference and relevant associations and professional media play good relations and so on, this is the need to persevere to do, based on the website positioning, constantly adjust the line and the line.