Chinese nternet reporter grab money to grab the market

[Abstract] Tencent, Ali, Baidu and other companies in the overseas investment layout is from small to big investment in a new stage of trial and error.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 9th

is in the listing of key intersection Alibaba group is "Tall trees catch much wind, the last half month, the Japanese shares have been involved in the communication application of the Line and the United States" burn after reading "photo sharing service Snapchat the two popular overseas enterprises rumors.

Although the final

multi-channel display, Alibaba group did not really invest in Line and Snapchat, but also from the side confirmed that Line or Snapchat does and Alibaba have been in contact, but not necessarily one will be able to reach an investment agreement.


and Line and Snapchat behind the sex scandal, the Alibaba group has really stepped up the pace of overseas investment, investment this year have chat application Tango, Mobile Games developers Kabam, Singapore Post, the total money spent more than $700 million.

, a Alibaba, analysts pointed out that the group has crazy acquisitions in China, the same overseas mergers and acquisitions, which is not only a natural extension of its business overseas, more importantly, the hope to express to the outside world: Alibaba in Chinese construction group is not only the huge business empire, still have deep tentacles overseas, eventually IPO Group expects to enhance the valuation of Alibaba.

the current layout and overseas investment is not in the Ali family, yesterday, Ctrip to accept the global tourism industry leading strategic stake in Priceline, the overseas Chinese travel market is a huge cake, Ctrip will use Priceline resources to expand the overseas market better.

earlier, the Portuguese version of Baidu search officially launched in Brazil, Hao123, Spark browser, Baidu antivirus product line integration of Baidu’s search service, by artificial intelligence and big data infrastructure to provide technical support for the Portuguese language.

before this time, the 360 year is the Silicon Valley in the United States to establish Vc firm, investment has strategic significance for 360 start-ups, the 360 also completed a $900 million convertible senior notes in private placement for mergers and acquisitions.

Tencent is the first layout of the overseas market enterprises, as early as 2013 overseas investment of over $2 billion. Analysts of Tencent said Chinese Internet companies in overseas investment layout is from the original small step into the big investment in new stage of trial and error.

layout: Ali Baidu grab grab items in different poses and with different expressions of


from the overseas layout, regardless of the number of funds and Tencent mergers and acquisitions and Alibaba are in the forefront, especially Alibaba continues to invest in the domestic fierce, overseas investment projects known more than 6, the amount is not low.

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