17game founder of the original million to buy gogo com domain name

April 13th news, according to sources, the original founder of 17game in last month after a high-profile comeback recently denounced million dollar purchase of www.gogo.com, for the promotion of its first full 3D martial arts online fashion "variant online".

it is understood that at the end of last month in a high-profile comeback, announced $NLVC huge investment, the new generation of online games companies founded uni-trade interactive also surfaced. The investment purchased the gogo domain name, called the red comeback after a generous.

According to

Yi interactive presentation, gogo.com 3D will first be used in martial arts online "variant online" website, the future direction of development is "interactive entertainment community", similar to the Jinshan xoyo.com and grand sdo.com.

a person who has been engaged in the domain name transactions for many years: Global.Com domain name has reached 96 million 700 thousand, of which China’s region.Com domain name nearly 3 million 500 thousand. At present, four letters of the.Com international domain name hot, gogo.com by the commonly used words superimposed composition, according to the current market estimates, the transaction price of about between $300 to $5 million."

also revealed that Yi has invited the team to participate in the interactive movie "Shendiao" preview version of the official website design. Prior to this, the team had been responsible for the film "Confucius", "assembly", "Mulan" and other domestic films of the late art design. It is reported that the "variant online" preview version of the official website of production is nearing completion, will be officially opened in April 21st "variant online" before the packaging and testing technology.

it is reported that red is the game industry veteran, was founded in 2000 by a moving moment of Yalian games, and successful operation of "Millennium", "red" and other South Korean online game. After leaving the United game, founded in 2003 in 17GAME, the most famous is "Yulgang" launched in 2005.

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